Tonight’s Withdrawal Study Committee Meeting CANCELLED

On May 26th, Rob Collins announced that the district’s Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Committee meeting scheduled for tonight was cancelled until further notice. (Please note that this is NOT the Sandown Study which is scheduled for June 2 at 7 pm at the Rec Center.)

From:”Rob Collins” <>

Date:Tue, May 26, 2015 at 1:42 PM
Subject:Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Committee

Our committee will not be meeting this week.  We will be scheduling another meeting soon.  More details to come.

Rob Collins
SWFC Secretary

Normally chairmen cancel meetings.  Normally a reason for cancellation is provided.

Here’s an interesting development from the May 21st school board meeting.  Seems a district lawyer will now be at Mr. Ward’s disposal.  Will he also be at every meeting?  Could his schedule be why tonight’s meeting was cancelled? I have no insider information so my question is just that – a speculative question.



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4 responses to “Tonight’s Withdrawal Study Committee Meeting CANCELLED

  1. Cathy

    I am sure the SB would not incur additional and unnecessary lawyer’s fees at the expense of the District by having the lawyer attend every meeting.
    Other districts that have gone through this process sought legal guidance via the SBA, a service we already pay for, incurring no additional cost to their district.

    It is also interesting to find out that Cindy Buco (Committee Co-Chair) knew nothing of the cancelation until receiving the notification from Rob Collins – a member of the committee who holds no significant position and not from Sandown. Has Sandown’s SB Rep Kelly Ward relinquished his authority; as well as Cindy Buco’s, to Danville SB Rep, Rob Collins?

    Apparently Mr Ward is “too busy” to uphold his duties as Co-chair, however never approached his Co-chair, Cindy Buco, for support. Why did Kelly Ward volunteer, and accepted the SB appointment to the committee, if he does not have the time to manage the meetings? I am sure there is a Sandown SB Rep who has taken seriously the Town’s majority vote to conduct this study and would not leave the conduct of the meetings and study to a member district’s SB representative.

  2. Concerned citizen

    Has Mr. Ward relinquished control? I don’t see that in this blog post?

    • No, Mr. Ward is nominally the co-chairman.

    • Cathy

      Yes, Mr Ward has officially resigned from position of co-chair (email notification below). Please note the RSA does not state the SB appoints a “chair” they appoint “members” to the committee. Committee members vote for Chair and Co- or Vice- Chair.
      The RSA language: ” … a pre-existing district shall, by a majority vote on a warrant article at a regular or special town meeting, direct the school board to conduct such a study. The study shall be conducted by a committee composed of at least one member of the school board from each of the pre-existing districts, one member of the board of selectmen from each town, and such other members as may be appointed by the committee.”

      Distributed today and AGAIN Cindy Buco not in the know until she recieved this email nor did she realize she has been removed from her position as Co-Chair.

      Due to the demands of serving as co-chair of the Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee and in light of current family and work obligations, Mr. Kelly Ward will no longer be serving as co-chairman of the committee effective immediately. Mr. Ward will remain on the committee as school board representative for the town of Sandown and in doing so will remain committed to providing his very best to the citizens of Sandown and the school district as a whole. Mr. Ward is highly regarded on the school board and on this committee and we place high value on his contributions to the district as well as his willingness to participate in this important study.
      As appointing authority for this school board committee per RSA 195:25, and with the full support of Mr. Bealo, my vice chair, I am appointing Mr. Rob Collins, school board representative from the town of Danville as the Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee chairman. Mr. Collins is more than qualified to lead the committee’s charge as he is an articulate, focused and organized chairman with a history of running effective and efficient meetings.
      For clarification purposes, this is not a co-chair appointment, but a chairmanship. The committee’s next point of order will be to select a new vice chair and secretary.
      In closing, both Peter and I wish the committee every success in producing the feasibility study report and look forward to our continued work as it relates to providing the very best public education to the students of Atkinson, Danville, Plaistow and Sandown.

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