How Your School Board Welcomes Your Correspondence

Here is a video clip from July 16, 2014 with Mrs. Steenson declaring how very much the school board values and encourages feedback from the public.

That’s the board talking.

Here’s the board working:

On June 4 the school board voted to restrict public comment to three minutes from its previous five minutes, and to disallow comments during the meeting on specific agenda items.  This is your board begging you for feedback – rather like Mr. Burns encouraging Homer to talk while secretly pressing a button under his desk to open a hole in the floor.

By the way, Mrs. Steenson did not “get back to me” about my request for information. I have had to subsequently make a Right to Know request for the government correspondence authorizing the continued operation of Sandown Central given the two warrant article defeats.  The deadline for reply is Tuesday.  Tuesday evening is the next Sandown Feasbility Study [Majority] Committee meeting in the library at the high school 7:30 pm.


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  1. I think we learned everything we needed to know about the School Board’s respect for public discourse at the last deliberative session where they restricted comments after making their case. There is no member of that body (except you) that has the interests of the community at heart.

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