PR Contract Renewed and Other Highlights

At the end of an epic meeting, the school board voted to renew and extend the public relations consultant’s contract on the same terms as currently.  This means Mrs. Grosky will be getting $1500.00 a month for twelve months as of July 1.  That’s ten hours of work a month at $150 an hour. The board did this without ever having seen a contract from SERESC, the agency through which Mrs. Grosky is being paid (and which is headed by our former superintendent, Mr. LaSalle).

The meeting ended close to 1:30 a.m.  It featured a hand-delivered petition from district residents in support of teacher Carolyn Morse who is embroiled in a lawsuit with the district and Dr. Metzler. There were stern letters read by members from the Sandown and Danville Boards of Selectmen questioning the legality of continuing to operate Sandown Central, and a heartfelt presentation from the teacher’s union over their perception of an unproductive and damaging climate between teachers and administrators in the district.

No doubt Dr. Metzler will take credit for transforming our meetings from sleepy affairs seldom attended to standing room only.



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7 responses to “PR Contract Renewed and Other Highlights

  1. Get involved or sit down, shut up and shell out. Easy choice, for some.

  2. Cathy

    PR contract renewed, but not an agenda item

    And yet again another policy violated.

    Policy BEBD:
    Under Other Business, items of business not on the agenda will be discussed and acted upon if the majority of the Board agrees to consider at the next meeting.

  3. Beth Blomquist

    Good Morning Mrs.Green,
    FIrst thank you and the rest of the School Board for your time last night and for the attention you all gave throughout a marathon meeting. I finished watching the meeting from home and could barely keep my eyes open so I apprectiate the dedication of the SB members and administration.
    Second, I would like to clarify one point above. Although, I am from Atkinson, the parents and students who were in attendance with me and the signers of the petition represented all four of our towns. This may seem a minor point but I don’t want it confused as just an Atkinson issue.
    Beth Blomquist

    • Thank you, Ms. Bloomquist. I didn’t have a chance to review the petition last night and will correct my blot. Appreciate your comment and your presentation last night.

  4. Linda

    I would like to know where the job description of the PR consultant can be found. In addition I would like to view what she has done since she has been hired. Unless my head has been in the sand I surely expect (ed) that a PR Consultant would certainly be front and center visible to all the taxpayers who are still fuming over this issue. Why hasn’t she reached out to the good citizens? How in the world can we stop all the nonsense?
    Please give me one good reason I should agree with anything this board has done except get me all riled up!!!
    Senator Shaheen hasn’t responded to my concerns since I voiced my opinion to her months ago in regards to this district. So where is she when the taxypayers ask for some input when we are getting taken down the river without a paddle? Oh did I forget election is over, no paddle coming.

    Thank you Mr and Mrs Green
    Linda Hathaway
    Sandown, NH


    • Dear Ms Hathaway,

      The Request for Proposal for the PR consultant can be found on my blog of October 14, 2014. You can access it by going to the month of October and scrolling down the postings. Let me know if you can’t find it. Thank you so much for writing. I believe the RFP was written so broadly (by Mr. Collins) that other firms had to price it high to cover all the deliverables and only Mrs. Grosky knew they didn’t really need all that stuff and could bid just about what they said at a SB meeting they wanted to pay. That’s my take on things.

    • Here’s the link for the blog on the PR RFP:

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