Collins Replies to Questions about Countersuit

This is an email sent to the board and an inquiring member of the public from Rob Collins this morning:

I have now asked the superintendent a third time about this, just to make sure.

There isn’t a counter lawsuit and there isn’t one being prepared that the taxpayers would be paying for.

Therefore, an emergency meeting of the board is not warranted for the reasons you stated.

If there’s further information you feel I have not addressed and is pertinent please pass it along.

Thank you.

So, if there is a countersuit, it is a private one.  Why then, did Dr. Metzler say he hoped the taxpayers understood?

Many questions remain but at least we have an assurance that taxpayer money is not involved.



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5 responses to “Collins Replies to Questions about Countersuit

  1. wdr

    Thank you Donna for keeping us informed and an excellent question – why would Metzler say he hoped the taxpayers would understand? To me it seems as though he continually feels he can blatantly use OUR money wantonly at his disposal at any time. Too many items to reiterate but the list is continually growing – a list that needs to be STOPPED!

  2. Len Mullen

    Mr. Collins has a long distance relationship with the truth. Perhaps the lawsuit is not officially a ‘counter lawsuit’ or and ‘that the taxpayers would be paying for’ sounds a little too much like ‘no tax impact’ to me. Remember Rob Collins was among those who concealed Scott Buatti’s secret for more than a year.

  3. Mark Acciard

    Ah Mr. Collins usual decree from the Propaganda ministry. Mr. Collins, the problem here is that the SB(Metzler included as he is your EMPLOYEE, not employer, as you treat him) can not launch lawsuits. Your legal line is provided to you for DEFENSE of lawsuits filed. NOT to LAUNCH suits against those Teachers, and citizens who have the temerity to question YOU, King Metzler, or Queen Steenson.

    • Yes, Mr. Acciard, I believe we are living under the Ministry of Truth. A playground is not a playground but something completely different – a playing field. A transfer of appropriation rewrites the budget, said with a straight face. The athletic contract went out to bid “two or three years ago” when it had never gone out to bid in 28 years. Now we have the PR consultant whose recent defense of her job published on Friends of Education at Timberlane Facebook page is spin extraordinaire. She complains of parents being afraid to speak of positive things about the district for fear of being ridiculed by a certain small set of “Timberlane consumers.” (Suddenly stakeholders in education are “Timberlane consumers.”) She fails to cite one example of any parent ever being attacked for positive comments about the district because she can’t find one. The attacking is always on the other side and it is vicious and personal. But you know all about that.

      • Mark Acciard

        Not to mention the other illegalities that the SB gets away with because NH DRA, is utterly useless at enforcing their own laws.

        Sidle up TRSD BudCOm and learn your jobs.

        1.) When you enter an amount of ZERO in a budget line NO MONEY MAY BE SPENT ON THAT LINE! Yes, Earl, we DO have a “bottom line budget” HOWEVER,, YOU must account for each transfer of funds, both which line it came out of and which line it is being expended under. and you may not expend monies after the voters gave you ZERO DOLLARS FOR THAT PURPOSE!!!

        2.) When the voters voted to CLOSE a school, that means YOU CLOSE IT!!! You are an EMPLOYEE!, You do not get to countermand your bosses.

        3.) YOU do not get to create new positions that the legislative body did not create. You are a manager. NOT a King.

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