Sandown North Playground Project Cancelled

This just out:
Due to the fact that we were unable to secure a vendor contract by June 30, 2015 to create additional play/green space at Sandown North Elementary School as part of the approved school consolidation plan, it is my recommendation to not move forward with the play/green space project at this time.
Although best efforts were made by all parties involved, we are unable to meet our legal obligation to make this project possible using funds from the 2014-15 budget and surplus as directed by the school board on June 18, 2015.
We are committed to exploring other options for providing appropriate play/green space for the children of Sandown. As always, we thank the Timberlane community for its continued support.
Dr. Earl Metzler
Superintendent of Schools
July 1, 2015



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4 responses to “Sandown North Playground Project Cancelled

  1. Mary Ann Di Stefano

    Why is there a bid on the top right of page 11 in the Carriage Towne News today?

    • Extremely perceptive question. Of course the ad was placed before the decision was made but did you happen to notice when the site visit was? July 6. Our fiscal year end is June 30th.

  2. CC

    I swear, I remember someone suggesting pushing the consolidation to the 2016-17 school year. Sure would’ve been nice to have some extra time to sort out all those pesky little issues (those that we know of, no playground at North, no bus road at North, keeping Central open as a preK K sped center, no $350k sprinkler system at North) that are sure to pop up.

    Gosh, who was that?

    I have to ask, what happens in the TRSD to the $90,000+ the school authorized for this project?

    • Thanks, Chris. A lot of people felt this was a rushed and fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants “plan.” The $95k, being unspent, will make its way into surplus to reduce the amount of money collected from the towns next year.

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