Summary of Issues on Girard at Large

On Tuesday, June 30, I appeared on Rich Girard’s radio show to do a quick summary of the latest issues at Timberlane.  You can hear the interview here:

Despite Rich’s graciousness, I do not like being on radio and have to force myself to overcome a feeling of dread. In this instance, I answered two of Rich’s questions incorrectly – or not as fully as I should have.  Rich asked if Sandown’s own Feasibility Study Committee (Minority Committee) had made a formal written request for information to the district’s Feasibility Study Committee (Majority Committee). I replied that information had been requested but not officially yet. At the last Majority Committee meeting, which I attended, Cindy Buco presented a written list of questions from the Minority Committee. After some brief discussion, the Majority Committee asked that some of the questions be made more specific and Cindy Buco agreed to do that. My understanding was that the questions were withdrawn for more work but Arthur Green, who was also present at the meeting, believes only two questions were withdrawn and the other questions were to be answered. After nearly 40 years of marriage, I have learned he is usually right.

Rich also asked if any other towns besides Danville had objected to the appropriation of money for the operation of Sandown Central given the failure of two warrants to fund the school. I replied that only Danville had done so to date. Quite honestly I forgot about Sandown Selectman Jon Goldman reading a letter to the school board on June 18th asking for the legal justification for such appropriation.  Apologies to the Sandown Board of Selectman whose interest in district matters is deeply appreciated . June 18th was one heck of a night that ended at 1:20 a.m.  If you haven’t watched the meeting, you should – especially the beginning and end.

Again, thank you to Rich Girard for his dedicated following of school board politics around the region. He has a profound understanding of why these issues matter outside of the board room.


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2 responses to “Summary of Issues on Girard at Large

  1. Starrann Freitas

    Thank you Donna for your continued efforts and support to the citizens of Sandown and the Timberlane District. I have watched you grow and take ownership in our town and I am grateful for all that you have done on our behalf.

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