Law Suits Flying: Sandown and Danville File Suit. Injunction Also Filed Against District. School Board Told NADA

Breaking news: This morning Sandown and Danville filed suit against the TRSD.  (I have no details about the suit at this moment.)

Also today, The Eagle Tribune is reporting that an injunction was filed against the Timberlane School District last week. The injunction asks, it says, for the Spanish teacher, Mrs. Morse, to be returned to the position she held before her discipline.

Once again, the school board as a whole was told NOTHING about this injunction. I get my news about the district just as you do, through the newspaper and by talking to people.  And in this information-controlled environment, school board members are not permitted to inquire of school staff or administration – and the school board likes it that way.

Almost certainly the favored triumvirate, Steenson, Collins and Bealo, is in the know, but this school board member is not. News flash triumvirate:  you are not the school board.

Does email go on summer hiatus?

The board has refused my repeated requests to hold a summer meeting. Who is making decisions as to how to proceed with these exploding legal matters?  It isn’t the elected body you might think should be accountable to you over all this. There are other issues boiling over, too, such as Dr. Metzler’s bizarre email threatening a “counter suit” against some unnamed person for, among other things, defamation of character. There are also rumors about changes to the Sandown schools consolidation plan that, if false, should be nipped in the bud, and if true, should be disclosed.

Last year on July 16 the board held a special meeting to censure me. Now with more pressing issues, the board is nowhere in sight.

Your school elected officials are bobbleheads, glued to the dashboard of Dr. Metzler’s luxury SUV.  When he drives over a bump, they nod their heads more vigorously than before.

Seriously, what is wrong with your elected officials at the school district?  We need a meeting immediately.

When I get the legal filings, they will be posted on this blog. I’ve requested a copy of the injunction from Mrs. Steenson and now will also ask for the suit from our two towns.  As she has not shared any information with the board about the injunction, I doubt I will be getting copies of any legal documents from her, but I thought I would extend her the courtesy of actually doing what she should.

UPDATE July 9, 2015:  Mrs. Steenson sent the board a copy of the Sandown and Danville suit at 6:35 pm on July 8, 2015.  We have still not received a copy of the injunction filed by Mrs. Morse.



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6 responses to “Law Suits Flying: Sandown and Danville File Suit. Injunction Also Filed Against District. School Board Told NADA

  1. Erich Beyrent

    I am upset that the Sandown Board of Selectmen neglected to inform the town’s own representatives to the School Board that they had filed a lawsuit. It’s disrespectful to you and Kelly Ward.

    • Erich,
      Although I am one for always wanting to be in the know as an elected official, in this case I have to disagree with you and support the selectmen. I was informed by a selectman from Danville very shortly after the suit was filed at the courthouse this morning. If Kelly and I had detailed knowledge of the suit and its timeline, we would have been in a position of divided loyalties.
      What upsets me is not being told about any legal suits against the district and superintendent by the chairman of the school board or the superintendent. I feel like a kid having to learn the facts of life on the street. In this case, I have to learn from sources other than the school board about very material matters that should be the business of the school board.

      • Erich Beyrent

        I guess my point is that a member of the Sandown BOS should have told you after it was filed, not Danville. Our BOS have an obligation to you and Kelly. It didn’t need to happen before the filing, but certainly after.

      • Cindy called me on her lunch hour to tell me I should get a copy of the signed documents. Lynne at the office, on behalf of all the selectmen, has been very accommodating. Believe me, I can’t feel any resentment of the Sandown BOS. None of this could have been easy.

  2. Sam Champey

    As a resident of Danville, a 2009 graduate of TRHS, and the son of a former school board member (from 1997-2010), I can honestly say that it makes me sick to see what this school board has become, and the systematic dismantling of the work my mother and all the other former administrators did to better our district in the past. It seems as though ever since this superentendent came to our district, if its not one thing, its another. The environment of fear and retribution that has been brought on by Dr. Metzler and as you put it “the triumvirate” is absolutely appalling! Though I may not agree with you on every issue, I do firmly believe you have the best intrests of your town at heart and our district as well. Thank you for the work you do, and keeping us informed about these issues!

    Thanks again,

  3. Jim Buckley

    “Your school elected officials are bobbleheads, glued to the dashboard of Dr. Metzler’s luxury SUV. When he drives over a bump, they nod their heads more vigorously than before.”

    This is the best description of the school board that anyone could ever put to pen. I hope I get the chance to vote to have Sandown leave this School District.

    Keep up the good work Donna

    Jim Buckley

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