Sandown and Danville Legal Filing of July 8, 2015

The Sandown Board of Selectmen’s office kindly provided scans of the legal filing (unsigned). I’ve had just a few minutes to look them over but it seems the towns are asking for an injunction against the district to stop the consolidation of Sandown North and Sandown Central.  They have requested an immediate hearing before the court.  They complain of a Right to Know violation with respect to the Consolidation Advisory Committee and on that basis (at least) argue that the school board’s vote for consolidation should be voided. There is also an argument against the funding of Sandown Central in light of the warrant article defeats.

There is a lot to read and I’ve just skimmed the surface.

Sandown letter to Court

Memorandum in Support of Pet for Temp Restraining

Verified Petition and Exhibits

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One response to “Sandown and Danville Legal Filing of July 8, 2015

  1. All seriousness aside….. I am very pleased that the BOS of Danville and Sandown have stepped up to the plate on this issue. In my opinion the TRSD has run rough shod over the citizens of our district and the TRSB has devolved into being merely a rubber stamp.

    I only have one question: Is there any way that Earl Metzler and Nancy Steenson can figure out a way to say

    ‘ Don’t blame us ’cause we’re both clean.
    So let’s find a way to blame Donna Green’

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