Tri-Town Article: TRSD Sends Letter to Green

The July 8, 2015 edition of the Tri-Town Times reported on the letter the school district’s attorney sent to me.

School District Sends Letter to Green Regarding Blog

I’d like to emphasize that the school board did not vote to send this letter.  They did not vote to expend the funds to engage the lawyer to write this letter. As explained to me in a phone call by Peter Bealo, school board vice-chairman, he was responsible for authorizing this letter.

What Else is the Board Doing without a Vote?

Let’s recap some significant things the chairman or vice-chairman have done without a vote of the board:

  • signed a five year contract with the FLES consultant, Mrs. Metzler
  • engaged a lawyer to send Green a nasty gram

Here’s What I Believe the School Board Chairman Has Unilaterally Allowed by Inaction

  • permitted the SAU to pursue litigation and court filings without a board vote
  • permitted the SAU to advertise for an employee and offer an increased rate of pay (technically an SAU board function but a protest should have been made by our board with a call for a SAU meeting to address)
  • permitted the SAU to cancel a voted course of action; namely, the construction of a new playground without a board vote.

Not only this, but I can’t even be sure the whole board knows about all these issues. The board chairman, Mrs. Steenson,does not keep the board abreast of legal filings or suits against the district, or important correspondence from the state to the district.


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One response to “Tri-Town Article: TRSD Sends Letter to Green

  1. Mark Acciard

    THe problem is that LEGALLY NO board member has the authority to use attornies, send letter, threaten legal action, expend monies, or any other action, in any official capacity without a vote of the board authorizing him to do so. One member has no authority to act on behalf of the governing body. And Mr. Bealo should be fully aware of that.

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