On Re-Watching the Dec. 18th TRSB Meeting

Prophesy comes in strange places.  The December 18, 2014 school board meeting was prophetic.  I would encourage everyone now upset with the Sandown schools consolidation to watch this meeting, specifically starting at one hour and thirty minutes.  You will see everything that has come back to haunt us mentioned in this meeting and dismissed with reassurances, some of them shockingly blithe in the wisdom of hindsight.

Given that I was today once again denied entry into a Sandown school, I was surprised to find this very issue raised heatedly by me way back in in December. Here is a short clip of just that exchange.

Today I simply asked to be included on a tour of the building organized by the Sandown minority committee.

For those who are curious about the applicable school board policy, please scroll down to the blog posting, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” Mrs. Steenson did, in fact, make up her own rules just for me. Later on in the December meeting Dr. Metzler says school board members should wait to be invited to a school.  Let me just say, been there, done that, still didn’t gain me access.

Some meetings later when the full-time kindergarten program was being discussed, Mrs. Steenson and Mrs. Delfino boasted about what a lovely time they both had visiting the kindergarten classes and taking part in the lessons.  My gosh, how could they disrupt education in such an irresponsible fashion?  I didn’t even request to go in a classroom.

Please don’t think this is a personality issue between me and Mrs. Steenson and the administration. What you are seeing over and over is an outright abuse of power and I can assure you it is not reserved for me.

The entire meeting: 

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