No Decision Released Yet in Towns v. TRSD

As of 3 p.m. today, Judge Schulman had not released a decision in Sandown and Danville v. TRSD.

The court provides decisions, when they become available, for a modest photocopying fee.  Unfortunately, decisions are not published online, which means one has to physically go to the courthouse to obtain a copy.

A trial transcript is expensive and is of most use for lawyers when appealing. You can order a CD for considerably less. Both can be obtained here.  I am content to wait for the judge to discuss the arguments in his decision and will publish the decision on this blog when I obtain it.

Docket number in Rockingham Superior Court:  15-CV-706


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13 responses to “No Decision Released Yet in Towns v. TRSD

  1. Curt Springer

    Just called, no ruling yet.

  2. Curt Springer

    Nothing as of today, right at 4pm

  3. Curt Springer

    Just checked no decision yet

  4. Curt Springer

    just called again, nothing

  5. Curt Springer

    Just called court, still no decision.

  6. Curt Springer

    Just called still no decision.

  7. Curt Springer

    Called shortly after 9am no decision yet.

  8. Curt Springer

    Day off today, not on my usual schedule. Just called, nothing there.

    • Curt Springer

      Just called, nothing new. Thinking that if something shows up today would be good to find out ahead of closing at 4 so somebody could go over and get it.

  9. Curt Springer

    Just checked again, was thinking if it were in somebody rush over before 4 — no decision

  10. Curt Springer

    OK, this is it for the weekend, just called, no decision yet. I am holding to my resolve not to comment further on the substance until we have the decision.

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