Sandown Minority Committee to Meet on Thursday Night

The Timberlane District’s study committee on the feasibility of Sandown withdrawing from the cooperative school district is meeting on Wednesday night (tomorrow) at the TRHS library. Meeting Notice 08 05 15

On Thursday night (August 6, 2015), Sandown’s own feasibility study committee will be meeting at 7 p.m. at Sandown Town Hall.

Both meetings will be discussing the so-called “buy-out” figure to be presented by the district on Wednesday night.

The Minority Committee’s Facebook page says this in part:

Sandown Feasibility and Suitability Study – Minority Committee

The Minority Committee will have a debrief regarding the District committee’s 05AUG2015 discussion. The public is welcomed to attend. Please note the Minority Committee ha[s] not had a chance to fully digest these figures or review any source documents. We will answer as many questions as we are able and will table, for a later date, those requiring additional research.

Please bear in mind the District has spent weeks pulling this information together; the Minority Committee will require a similar amount of time to analyze the data.

Minority Committee Facebook link


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