Tonight’s Majority Committee: To APPROVE “Preliminary” Number

The agenda for tonight’s Majority Committee meeting came out on Monday but was not posted to the committee’s webpage so I learned of it late yesterday.  There is one very interesting thing to note: “Preliminary buyout report review and adoption.”

Adoption?  Adoption of a “preliminary number?”  So in what way is it preliminary?  Or in what way is it being “adopted?”

And by the way, where is the “report?”  All that has been released to the committee are a few badly written pages, a few spreadsheet pages, and some appallingly documented alleged capital expenses.

This is what I predict the committee’s position is going to be: “Here is our staggering buyout number. Accept it or we are finished.”  Rapid hand wiping follows.  “You see,” Mr. Collins will remark, “I told you we could get this done in three meetings!” (Meanwhile, the minority committee is meeting every two weeks in Sandown along with numerous working groups meeting independently and often.)

If my psychic powers are correct, the majority committee will proffer no invitation for negotiation, no invitation to better document the so-called capital expenses, no willingness to have a serious conversation about the fundamental fairness of a cooperative district ransoming a town to gain its freedom and educational self-determination.  I hope I am proved wrong but this is why it is convenient for the district that the meetings are not televised.

Arthur Green has calculated Sandown’s share of capital contribution to the district since 2000 going forward to 2020. (2020 is when the district’s bond is paid off. It is not in dispute that Sandown must, no matter what, continuing paying its share of the district’s bond until it is paid.) According to Mr. Green, Sandown’s capital contribution will have been $11,550,000 (2000-2020).  It is important to remember this number so you can put in perspective the buy-out figure that will be “approved” by the majority committee tonight.

Arthur Green will be recording tonight’s meeting.  It will be one for the century. If I can figure out a way to compress the video file, I will post the recording on this blog. (Offers of technical assistance appreciated.)

Here is the agenda for tonight’s meeting.   (It is properly done on school board letterhead.)

The original announcement is here: SWFSC 8-5-2015 Agenda

Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee

Regular Meeting – 7:30 PM

Timberlane Regional High School Library

36 Greenough Road , Plaistow, NH

Rob Collins, Chair

1. Call to Order – Chair

2. Roll Call – Chair

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Approval of Minutes

a. June 16th, 2015

5. Public Comment

6. Current Business

a. Update on action items from previous meeting

b. Sandown student placement update

c. Preliminary buyout report review and adoption

d. Next Steps

7. Other Business

8. Public Comment

9. Non-public (if needed)

10. Future Dates




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