The “Consolidation” to Begin Tomorrow

This is part of an email sent out by Cathy Belcher this afternoon:

Hello Board members,

Please find below an update of items relative to facilities and preparing for the opening of school.


As of 1:50 this afternoon, no news has been received from the courts. Dr. Metzler has directed that we proceed as planned, and the moving of programs and materials is scheduled to begin tomorrow under the guidance of Jim Hughes.  They will begin at 7:00 am at Sandown Central and will provide updates to the Superintendent throughout the day. The move is anticipated to take two days.

I would have thought the school board would have something to say about this given the legal limbo we currently find ourselves in, but once again we are completely out of the loop. If it isn’t evident by now, the school board is superfluous to the functioning of the school district. We might as well be on Mars…oh, but wait, some checks still need authorizations…so we are invited into the SAU for a quick meaningless signature on faith …and then there’s awarding raises to the SAU. Well, I guess I’m wrong once again: the board is not superfluous.

The remainder of the email was an update on the middle school transformer project now completed and the press booth still under construction.



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4 responses to “The “Consolidation” to Begin Tomorrow

  1. Curt Springer

    Made final call to court minutes ahead of 4pm close. Still no word.
    Note they are starting by moving stuff out (presumably) of SC which would happen regardless of whether or not the preliminary injunction is granted. But to your point I wouldn’t expect the SB to be asked about moving stuff in if they get to that in advance of the decision.

  2. Erich Beyrent

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but he doesn’t need the participation of the board to execute a plan the board already voted on. Legal limbo aside, school starts in two weeks. He can’t afford to wait any longer.

  3. Peter Bealo

    Curt and Erich are correct. And Donna, after a couple years you should by now understand the powers and purpose of the School Board. We set POLICY and CURRICULUM and hire a Superintendent. I know you don’t want it to be that way, but that’s the way the RSAs are written. We do not run the day-to-day of the district, we hire someone to do that and then let him do so. AND BTW, I support the decision to begin the move, it’s relatively low risk and needs to be done, the slowness of the courts cannot be an excuse to do nothing.

    • Curt Springer

      Sorry I wasn’t clear. I agree with those who say the SB should have met about this matter. In particular I think there should have been discussion with the SB after the July 24 hearing to discuss contingency plans. I just don’t expect it to happen.

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