Right-to-Know Law Stronger for Citizens

The group, Right to Know NH, with which I am associated had a small but encouraging legislative success this year.  The group hopes for more ambitious outcomes in the future.  The Governor signed our initiated bill into law this week.

Right-to-Know Law Stronger for Citizens.



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2 responses to “Right-to-Know Law Stronger for Citizens

  1. Mark Acciard

    I have long been a vocal advocate of strengthening the RTK laws. As they are currently abused by corruptocrats across the state. Atkinson Selectmen like the now disgraced former police chief, Consentino have driven a truck through them for years, and Now King Earl the First seems pre ordained to pick up his fallen banner.

    Here are a few suggestions’

    1.) REQUIRE the minutes of public meetings to include brief synposis of topic discussion

    2.) REQUIRE the minutes of non public meeting to give the headlines of topics being discussed beyond the relevant paragraph of 91A-3,II For example, if the selectmen claim they are going in for legal discussion name the case.

    3.) Enact loser pays, so that if a taxpayer must sue the town to get public info, the town must foot the bill, for not following the law and providing it up front.

    • I am actually trying to get verbatim non-public minutes as a legal requirement. If this were law then public bodies would not go into non-public easily or for long just due to the trouble of the transcript. (It could be redacted for names and other identifying info if necessary – or sealed but the length of sealing would be pre-determined based on the grounds for the non-public.)
      Mark you are absolutely correct that the law does not required enough detail in minutes. TRSD’s non-public minutes are a joke and its public minutes are sometimes a political whitewash that require the public to watch hours of videos to get what really transpired especially when it is not flattering.

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