A Picture Worth 1000 Words

This is from Dr. Metzler’s Twitter feed this morning:

Supt. Metzler ‏@SuptSAU55
Sandown North Parents and students are ready for a great year! #timberlane
Sandown ready for another great year!


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4 responses to “A Picture Worth 1000 Words

  1. Rob

    Looks like every other elementary school drop off and pick up line!

    Great first day I’m hearing!!

  2. wdr

    LOL…I dare him to *try* and pull into the parking lot at 8:15 on any morning and go through the whole process. And I mean literally sit in line and wait. I know he wasn’t here when they designed and conceived the place and thus he bears no fault on this design flaw. The grounds and access route were certainly ill-thought out and really there appears to be no foreseeable relief solution available. And it’s too bad that there could never be an all-grade event for parents to attend all at once as the logistics just are totally incapable of supporting it. Even the “Alphabet Shuffle” (A’s thru L’s from 5-6pm then M’s thru Z’s 6-7pm) the other night was a nuisance. Maybe we can set up a shuttle service where everyone congregates at the center of town and we have to get bused in.

    • Rob Collins

      wdr, same situation at Danville Elementary. We’ve always done the “alphabet shuffle” because the school parking lot isn’t designed to hold every car for every child attending.

  3. jd62500

    In Atkinson we don’t do alphabet, we do by grades bc not all grades can fit at once. Our pick/up drop off line goes all the way back to maple ave at times. That’s why I put my kids on the bus. Much easier.

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