SB Threatens Josh Horns

With so much surplus sloshing around, there is plenty of money to spend on lawyers. Here is a letter from Nancy Steenson, Chairman of the Timberlane Regional School Board, threatening Josh Horns with legal action should he decide to believe Danville’s lawyer and the Deputy Secretary of State, rather than the school district’s lawyer as to the supposed incompatibility of offices.  Mr. Horns is both a selectman in Danville and a budget committee member at Timberlane. Danville is currently suing the school district.

My take is that TRSB wants the independent Mr. Horns off the budget committee – for the principle of the matter. Oh, and also to forestall Danville dynamo Selectman, Kim Farar, from running against Nancy Steenson or her surrogate in the next election… as I said, for the principle of the matter.

With the kind permission of Mr. Horns, here is Ms. Steenson’s letter. It is followed by the district’s legal opinion.

J Horns 09 01 15 (1)


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