Request for SAU agenda item and presence of auditor

Request for SAU agenda item and presence of auditor
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Donna Green <> Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 11:57 AM
To: Peter Bealo <>,, TRSD School Board <>
Dear Chairman Bealo:
The 2014 audit of SAU 55 shows an overexpenditure of the budgeted appropriations.  The SAU was also given what to me seems a serious adverse opinion by the auditor who did not even sign the auditor’s report, or at least the copy I received.
I am officially requesting, for the second time, that the auditor be present for our questioning at the Oct. 7th SAU meeting. His answers will affect our budgeting decisions and that is what the meeting is being convened for, is it not?
I fully expect my request to be respected and that the auditor will be present to explain the audit to the entire board – whether or not other members of the board express an interest in this matter.
Attached is the 2013 and 2014 auditor’s reports for SAU 55.  Both contain adverse opinions. In 2014 SAU 55 overexpendited its appropriations.  Compensated absences had to be restated.  These are issues of concern to me that need to be discussed with the auditor. Mr. Stokinger’s input on this matter, though welcome, is not sufficient for my purposes.
I would also like an explanation for why the SAU board has not been provided with audits in the past. We did not receive the 2013 audit and if not for my requests I believe we would not have been given the 2014 audit either.
I would also ask that all the SAU audits be posted to a public page on the SAU website.  Right now only the 2013 audit is posted on the private section of the SAU site. The board should be able to review all the past audits.
Thank you,
Donna Green

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