Your “Professional Critic” at Work

While the SAU is busy demonstrating humility in victory today, I will demonstrate graciousness in defeat by constructively pointing out some administrative oversights.

The district’s “professional critics” and taxpayers alike are keenly interested in the cost per pupil for Timberlane, which has escalated dramatically in the past few years. For some reason, the form that reports this information (preliminary) to the Department of Education for 2014/2015, and which was due on September 1, has not yet been submitted (as of yesterday).

Is there a reason for the DOE-25 form being late? When will it be filed?

Last year the report was posted on the district’s SharePoint site. Will it be posted this year or will we have to file yet another Right-to-Know request to get it?

I have also not received fulfillment of my Right-to-Know request concerning a contract called out by the district auditor. The contract was for a three-year lease for four photocopy machines, with a $30,000 rebate. This contract was signed by the SAU business administrator. I’ve asked for proof of authorization for the SAU to sign this contract on behalf of the district, for the full text of the contract, and for proof that this contract contained a non-appropriation clause as required by law. I’ve also asked for a full list of our revenues as given to the auditor.

I’m still waiting. UPDATE 9/17/15:  At 7:06 pm yesterday, Sept. 16, I was notified that my Right to Know information is available at the SAU:

This email serves as notification that the items your requested under RSA 91-A are available for inspection at the Superintendent’s Office.   So as not to significantly disrupt the business of the office (specifically Mr. Stokinger, the keeper of the financial information you have requested), we ask that you contact this office for an appointment or at least in advance so that Mr. Stokinger can be available to you upon your arrival.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Our phone number is 382-6119.

As you know, arranging a mutually convenient time for the inspection of public documents is consistent with the purposes of the Right-to-Know law.

I know no such thing. There is no reason I should be required to make an appointment to view public documents under the supervision of anyone. Perhaps next they’ll hang the documents ten feet off the roof.


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