Buco Defends Herself

This is an email sent by Cindy Buco to Rob Collins after the district’s withdrawal study committee met on Tuesday night, Sept. 15th. Her attachments are also linked below the email. She is responding to criticism of her on social media by Mr. Collins subsequent to the meeting.

Hi Rob,
Attached are more documents for the Committee to review.
Just to clarify, my task was to set up tours with the schools and collect data on them in which I did, I was not in attendance at the meeting the Committee agreed to write a withdrawal plan and although you said I received an email telling me what I was supposed to do, I was not there to agree to do it.  You as the Chair should have asked if I was willing to do it and followed up.
Not to mention that there was absolutely no detail to the expectation of what a first draft was supposed to include.  I sent you documents yesterday and I am sending you more today.  I was following up with Michael Costanzo (from the former Town Committee) and he agreed to look for other items that we may have not reviewed as a Committee but is willing to share, he also mentioned he could make himself available for the meeting to be a guest on the agenda to go over the items in detail.  I  am requesting he be put on the agenda for the next meeting.
I am on task for what I committed to do, this Committee wanted me to “head up” the Education piece, I didn’t ask for it. The Committee also mentioned that because I was working with a Town Committee we could leverage the work of the Town Committee to help with the education piece, in which I was. Now that the Town Committee has been disbanded that resource is no longer available to this Committee.   This Committee will now need to start doing the work, the education piece is a major piece of the report and requires many resources.
I responded to your request in the meeting about the writing of the withdrawal plan for education and I said I was not comfortable writing it and requested someone else to help, such as Kelly Ward since he is the Sandown School Board Representative and should be qualified to write it.  If this Committee feels that the person heading up the Education piece should be the same person writing it than the Committee needs to assign someone else to the position such as Kelly Ward since he is the Sandown Representative and from what I understood from when you chose me for the education piece is that you all wanted to be sure Sandown had a greater say in the education plan, so that would align with your methodology.
I would appreciate it if you would stop speaking about me as if I have been doing nothing or contributing nothing to this Committee on Social Media.  The last meeting I was able to attend I brought the details of the tour of Pinkerton, and had Salem and Raymond scheduled for tours.  Not one member of this Committee who is required by law to write this report attended a single tour.  Shame on you all, and how dare you make it appear to the public I am not a contributing member because I forgot my bag with all my materials.  You can’t even make an effort to go on a tour, you all will be making the decision on where Sandown students attend and you can’t even go out of your way to go to any of the schools you will be picking from if you decide to put a withdrawal plan in.
Your behavior on Social Media is very unprofessional (to say the least) and does not reflect positively on your character.

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