District Relents: Spreadsheets Coming!

Seems spreadsheets are coming. This was sent out around noon today:

Hello Board and Budget Committee members,

Dr. Metzler wishes to announce that he will be implementing some changes as it relates to the format of budget information.  In an effort to assist the Budget Committee in their budget preparation work, budget information will be made available in Excel spreadsheet form.  It is important to note that only district generated spreadsheets/reports will be presented as official district documents; individual work product will not be and all such documents will need to clearly indicate they are unofficial. 

Dr. Metzler believes this will help mitigate the reason behind the reluctance to provide the financials in live format in the first place as there has been concern shared by many that individual spreadsheets may be presented as official Timberlane documents in which the information contained within them has not been verified.

He expects the first of such budget information to be posted to both the School Board’s and Budget Committee’s SharePoint sites by end of day today. 

One more item: Nancy Louiselle will no longer be temp-clerking for the Budget Committee; the added duties associated with this task place an additional burden to her already full plate of district responsibilities.   I will be taking her place and look forward to seeing Budget Committee members at future meetings.

Have a good afternoon,


Watch the budget committee website for further developments.



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5 responses to “District Relents: Spreadsheets Coming!

  1. Curt Springer

    Would it kill our superintendent to acknowledge that he is complying with a reasonable request of the budget committee as part of his job?

    If you didn’t know the context you would think he did this on his own initiative as the wise and beneficent chief that he is.

    Anyhow it is a good thing. But hard to believe the level of effort is great enough to move people around and will this mean that other services will be cut back. Or perhaps a requested budget increase to maintain services at their current levels with this added burden.

    • Lorna

      Curt, what are you talking about? How does providing spreadsheets translate to moving people around? Are you referring to the unrelated change on who will take minutes @ BCom meetings?

      • Curt Springer

        Lorna, you are right. I misread the final part as being connected to the first part. Thanks for catching that.

  2. Sheila Johannesen

    I can;t believe when I watched the budget meeting the time spent discussing what they needed to “do their job” and the push back of making such a huge deal over it…..really give the boards what they need and stop playing games…. Who is running their board the superintendent? And who does the superintendent work for the board or does the board work for him? I know that has been questioned before. Someone needs to tell him who he works for….and what his role is.

    • The SAU’s role is to thwart the elected officials so the educational experts can run the district. Your school board will say over and over that they do not run the district, and indeed they don’t, and neither does the budget committee control the budget. What you see at meetings is window dressing for decisions already made, except that some members of the budget committee are waking up and rising to their responsibilities.

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