District’s Withdrawal Study Committee Votes

This is an announcement sent out by the SAU at 5 p.m. today:

The Timberlane Regional School Board

Sandown Withdrawal Feasibility Study Committee


As a result of a March 2015 vote by residents in the Town of Sandown, the Study Committee is

bound by law (RSA 195:25) to conduct a study to determine if it is feasible and suitable for

Sandown to withdraw from the Timberlane Regional School District.

Feasible – possible to do

Suitable – having the qualities that are right, needed, or appropriate for something

On September 29th, the Committee unanimously determined it is NOT feasible and suitable for

Sandown to withdraw from Timberlane. By November 15th, the Committee must file a report

detailing its work and findings with the State Board of Education.

Residents of the Timberlane district are invited to a public hearing to review the rationale

behind the Committee’s decision, comment and ask questions.

Public Hearing

October 13th, 7 pm

Performing Arts Center

For more information, please go to the Committee website:


(Note: The Committee is comprised of one Selectman and one School Board member from each of Timberlane’s towns)

“Unanimous” in this instance needs further qualification: Cindy Buco and Kim Farar both abstained from the vote.



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2 responses to “District’s Withdrawal Study Committee Votes

  1. Curt Springer


    According to this it is unanimous under Robert’s rules. An abstention is essentially a vote in favor of the majority.

    • Concerned citizen

      Yeah she’s got nothing to say to this remark. She is a has been who has yipped and complained to much. Here is an idea…..listen to the people, those who will vote at the next election, your “service” is done Ms. Green. We are tired of your contstant whining and complaining. You were doing a good job at the beginning, now your just background noise. Along with the others and it is tiring and damaging.

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