SAU Votes to Renew Metzler’s Contract to 2022

This is the way your elected officials make momentous decisions – behind the cloak of non-public meetings and without any notice to the stakeholders whatsoever. So there!

At the end of a long non-public session ending at 10:30 pm tonight (Oct. 7), the SAU 55 board voted to offer Dr. Metzler a five year extension to his current contract, which expires in 2017. There was no prior notice to board members of this proposal – at least not to this board member.

The vote was 9 in favor and two against.  Steenson, Dimando and Blair were absent.  Voting against were Green and Yasenka.

Dr. Metzler was not privy to the vote and still has to accept the offer. Mr. Cipriano and Mr. Bealo met with Dr, Metzler immediately after the meeting to inform him. The board awaits his decision.

In other news from tonight’s SAU meeting, the SAU’s DRAFT budget for 16/17 is up 30% over two years (from 2014/15). (There are some small bookkeeping adjustments in there to skew the percentage slightly, but not amounting to more than $25,000.)


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