AZG Responds to Enrollment Info Release and Offers Helpful Advice

There is going to be a lot said about the enrollment figures just released in the coming days. For now, here is an email Arthur Green sent to Ms. Belcher in response to his request for the publication of the annual information always dated as of Oct. 1.

Oct. 12, 2015

Ms. Belcher 
Thanks very much.  I have accessed the information with no issues, and I am very happy that it is available through public posting.  I agree that my request has been fulfilled.
May I bring it to your attention that the enrollment report file “TRSD15” just posted is the Oct 1 2015 report.  The file “TRSD14” is the Oct 2013 report.  People wishing to use the Oct. 2014 report can find it in the School Board sharepoint in the folder “2014-2015 General Documents”, and the file is “TRSD Enrollment Report 100114”.  This could be confusing, as people using the Budget Committee sharepoint could easily assume that the files “TRSD14” and “TRSD15” are consecutive years.
Another possible confusion with this data is that the Timberlane Annual Report for 2014, which provides the Oct. 2014 enrollment figures on page 41, mislabels those figures as Oct. 1 2013. 
Arthur Green

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