TRSD Contemplating New Bonds?

Most eyes will be watching the Sandown Board of Selectman special meeting tonight about the minority withdrawal study. That’s good, but tonight’s school board meeting might have its own pockets of interest.

The agenda includes “Warrant Article Process” as an information item.  This immediately struck me as odd because our board seldom does much so far in advance of a deadline. Then farther down into the agenda packet there is a notation for a Public Hearing on the budget and “Bond Issues” with a date of Jan. 14 indicated.

“Bond Issues” – plural?

Could the district be contemplating one or maybe two bonds for capital improvements – maybe associated with athletic facilities?

Here’s one reason why 2016 would be an opportune time from the district’s perspective to add new debt.

New bonds, if approved by a super majority vote of the entire district, will tie Sandown and restive Danville into the school district with a vice grip.  Not only would any town wanting to withdraw have to pay out the existing bond that is nearing the end of its term (2020), but they would also have to buy out new bonding. Clearly it would be immensely impractical for small towns like Sandown or Danville to do this.

I could be way off in my speculation. We’ll see tonight – perhaps.



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9 responses to “TRSD Contemplating New Bonds?

  1. I just got a notice in the mail that Donna Green is going to throw me under the bus tonight at the selectman’s meeting. How will she be able to do that is she is at a SB meeting?

    I am very concerned because I am a big boy who will need greyhound bus or a large tour bus to be thrown under…. I am sorry but I just won’t fit under a mini-bus. If Donna isn’t going to be at the selectman’s meeting, who should I contact to advise of my size requirements? Where are we supposed to line up for these buses?

    The last time I was thrown under a mini-bus I was near the muffler system and I quickly became exhausted..

    sign me,
    Trembling in Timberlane

  2. Concerned Sandown Parent

    Do bonds have to be voted on first by the public? If so, I don’t think it would pass.

    I thought I heard something about bonds and title transfers in refernce to Sandown schools, but didn’t understand.

    • Yes, a school district bond would have to go to the voters of the school district. There is currently a bond that will be completely paid off in 2020. Sandown would have to pay out all of its share of that bond in order to get title to the schools in Sandown. It would have to do the same with any other new bonds if they were approved by district voters.

      I’m not sure a new bond would not pass.

  3. mark Acciard

    How about a petition warrant article REQUIRING transparency on the part of the district and SB, this includes SAU as they officially work for the SB. INCLUDING all expenditures, all revenues, all minutes public and non, posted on the district website within a reasonable amount of time.

    This info is public and should be available to the public there is no reason to be made to jump through hoops to get it.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant
    – Ben Franklin

  4. Concerned Sandown Parent

    Any updates on what the bond thing was all about?

    • Dr. Metzler said he had not plans for a bond. We shall see what ultimately happens. The discussion was about the timeframe and process for writing warrant articles this year.

  5. Donna,

    Why not simply ask instead of throwing speculation out there that might upset residents?


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