Awaiting Replies to Information Requests UPDATE

[UPDATE: At the Facilities Committee meeting on Tuesday morning (Oct 20, 2015), Ms. Steenson told me I would have to make a motion at the next school board meeting in order to get the board’s permission to obtain this information from the SAU. I trust she will give me an opportunity to do so at the November 3 meeting.]

Here are my latest information requests of TRSD.  They were sent to Chairman Steenson on Oct. 12 and 14 respectively. I sent a reminder out to Ms. Steenson today.

Dear Ms. Steenson and Dr. Metzler:

We have these enrollment figures for Kindergarten
2014/15 2015/16
Atkinson 49 40
Danville 38 27
Plaistow 78 62
Sandown 47 67
Total 212 196
 When the FT kindergarten program update was given to the board not long ago, we were told the number of students in half-day and FT kindergarten in each town.  I would like those numbers now as of Oct. 1 along with their tuition status  by town.  
To be clear, here’s what I request the administration provide:
For each town individually:
  • Number of students  enrolled in half-day
  • Number of students  enrolled in full day, with additional details
    • Number enrolled at full tuition
    • Number enrolled with tuition fully waived (if any)
    • Number enrolled with tuition partially waived (if any)
      • Average tuition amount paid where partially waived
Please provide the above data separately for both 2014/15 and for 2015/16.
The Sandown 2015/16 enrollment clearly indicates district-wide programming.  Please provide 2015/16 enrollment by town of residence.  This is a separate question from the above.
In an unrelated topic, please tell me if any Pre-K students receive tuition waivers and if so how many are attending with fully or partially waived tuition?  What is the average tuition amount paid where it is partially waived?

Your attention to the information requests of a board member are appreciated.

Dear Ms. Steenson and Dr. Metzler:

The school board approves tuition rates every year. I cannot find a policy concerning the determination to charge a student the SPED rate.  How is this decided and by whom?
Does any student living outside the district who has an IEP automatically get charged the SPED rate or are there other considerations?
Do we currently waive any or all of SPED tuition to any out of district SPED students currently? If so, how many are paying the full rate and how many have their fees waived in part and in total?
Thank you for helping me understand this aspect of our tuitioning fee structure.
Best regards,

Donna Green


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4 responses to “Awaiting Replies to Information Requests UPDATE

  1. Pattie O'Sullivan

    I don’t understand why you would need the board’s permission. Unless things have changed drastically since 1997 when I served on the Somersworth School board and SAU 56, you should be able to simply request this information. The SAU 56 office was always happy to comply with any request for information that they received. Obviously they respected confidentially, but information was free flowing thus fostering a mutually respectful relationship with board members as well as the community.

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