Cultivating Inflammatory Rhetoric: Citizens Against

These are postings by those closely associated with Citizens Against Withdrawing from Timberlane School District.  Some of these statements were posted on a Facebook site that does not permit comments by the opposition.

October 20 on Facebook Citizens Against Withdrawing from Timberlane School District:

Cathy Sargent Schoppe: Make no mistake about it… Jim Devine, Cindi Buco, Donna Green, Arthur Green, Cathy Gorman and Michael Costanza are bad for Sandown. Lies, misrepresentation, back room deals, abuse of authority, lack of transparency. The list goes on. Watching them in action and watching Jim Devine conduct town business is close to criminal. They make constant complaints and accusations of the SUA [sic] and School Board for actions and behaviors that they themselves display. They are out of control and will stop at nothing to get to their main goal; complete control of the town, town budget and education of our children. This issue is far from over. Please stay involved.

[This posting was “liked” by a Facebook ID “cubscouts.”  Who is behind that ID and are they an official with Sandown Cub Scouts?]

Oct 17 on Facebook Citizens Against Withdrawing from Timberlane School District:

Michelle Livingston: We have already established that the Green Coalition will twist the rules to suit their purpose and King Jim will most certainly make a motion to reconsider this vote. We are not safe. This is not over. At the risk of sounding paranoid (I am), we will be fighting this fight until 2018 when all of them are voted out of office. The only way to correct the wrongs that they have inflicted upon OUR town is to replace them.

October 16:

” ‘I fear the snake will raise its head again, but unlike Medusa, we’re now aware and we have shovels,’ [Mark] Sherwood said.”  Eagle Tribune, page 4, “Sandown to remain in Timberlane District,” by Kiera Blessing

October 15:

Don’t let Donna Green throw Sandown taxpayers under the bus!  [Headline on a postcard sent to every household in Sandown.]


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17 responses to “Cultivating Inflammatory Rhetoric: Citizens Against

  1. Jack sapia

    Seriously Donna? This goes over the top and speaks to credibility. After what you have posted over the last two years? After your (let me be politically correct) derogatory comments about everyone? After what you have put this district through? Are you kidding me? You find every mode you can to disseminate the mud you throw as fast as you can. You take every opportunity to even throw your fellow board members under the bus! In my opinion you are misleading the residents. Now you cry foul? Donna, this is a result of your behavior! You get what you give. I really hope this behavior changes! You would be surprised at the results. I am not asking you to roll over for anyone. But seriously “blogger of the year”? Let us now focus on the students!

    • Give examples, Jack. Give examples.

      • Jack sapia

        Donna there are hundreds if not thousands. I now want to focus on the district not you!

      • Right. Always a megaphone and nothing to say.

      • Jack sapia

        Do you remember using the word Natzi in a meeting or bobble heads? I could work all weekend putting together and documenting a list, but once again I perfer to focus on the students. I would highly recommend you do the same if possible!

      • Bobbleheads was a general description of the board and was not directed at one person.
        The word, “Nazi” was used in this sentence: “That is being an information Nazi.” Like the soup Nazi: “No soup for you!” “No information for you!” And it was said in the heat of argument. Others don’t have that excuse. Oh, and just to save you some time, I also said I believe in Chinese water torture to get results…. slow but insistent. Mr. Collins said that was racist on social media. Uh huh. I guess Chinese food is a racist classification, too.

        Anything else?

    • Cathy

      Is this the decorum you speak of Jack?

      I thought Donna was being kind posting only these few examples of the vitriol coming from the supporters of the citizens against withdrawal FB page.


      • Jack sapia

        And the study was just a cost free study! Please! Are you kidding me? Everyone watches it, listens to it every day of every week to this. No need for me to take any more of my time explaining what everyone already knows! The comments at the beginning of this were the hight of hypocrisy! Focusing on the children now! Not the coalition!


  3. You’ll keep for now.

    • Not sure what you mean by this comment….

      • Donna, Mr. Wayne Fontes chose to delete or you deleted his cute little comment that he left in response to my post. In short, he wants the tax payers of Sandown to work themselves to death to pay for his good time. I’ve too been busy working to leave a more adult response to his childish drivel, . . . until now.

      • I deleted it because it was by a anonymous poster who goes by Bustmore Gas and 100 other more rude aliases. That comment slipped thru before I recognized the IP address. He sends me love notes just about every day and they are characterized by extreme immaturity and a distinctive juvenile coarseness. Don’t let his response bother you. Judging by his maturity level, he cannot pay much in taxes anywhere.

  4. Given some of the immaturity displayed at the selectman’s meeting by both elected officials and some residents, that bothers me more. They’re striving for an us vs. them attitude, well . . . people get what they want. Welcome to divided Sandown. Re-election is coming. Who will step forward?

    • Bill Rogers

      You are seriously going to call out the cub scouts? For what? For probably a parent VOLUNTEERS who manages the Cub Scout Facebook account who most likely accidentally liked a post under the wrong account? Have you not made mistakes before? Oh that’s right, Jack Sapio listed several above this post. Whether you agree with all of these people or these right to know requests you “pay” for as an elected official you need to self evaluate yourself and ask how effective you are being at representing our little hamlet. You are so not effective that if there was an “effective meter” it would be spinning in reverse and in the “damaging” zone please consider resigning so we can all move on beyond this mess you and your supporters have created, albeit with the help of a crazy superintendent and school board. It’s not entirely your fault, it’s their blame too, but it’s much easier for sandown to ask for your resignation then everyone else’s.

      • You get the government you deserve. Shoot the messenger and then put your head in the sand.

      • I know when I’m being shafted tax-wise Rogers. Timberlane’s got a bloated budget. Let them feel the pinch for a change like us, instead of gorging at the public trough year after year. So re-calibrate your imaginary meter, you’re way off the original topic, and you’re long winded to boot.

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