Sandville Judgment on Reconsideration

The Towns of Sandown and Danville have received another thoughtful but unsupportive judgment from Judge Schulman.

Peter Bealo posted this judgment on Facebook.  The school board was not given this and probably won’t be as we have not been kept informed of any of the legal proceedings embroiling the district.

The reconsideration decision is dated Sept. 29.  The copy posted today to Facebook is time stamped received by the district’s lawyer on Oct. 21.

15.10.19 Final Order re Reconsideration & MTD (1)

Ah! No sooner do I post than I find a press release from the district in my email. Board communication by press release, gotta love it.

District Prevails in Motion for Reconsideration


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3 responses to “Sandville Judgment on Reconsideration

  1. WDR

    Sounds kind of pompous and arrogant that Metzler would word it that he “is pleased to announce that the school district has prevailed,once again, in the matter of the Towns of Sandown and Danville v.the Timberlane Regional School District”. If you ask me it would have been better worded if he just said he was “pleased that the judge decided against any further action”. It’s statements worded this way that continues to prove that he’s got an issue with our towns and he likes to continuously look down on us like we’re second rate. Alright, let’s put an end to this all already. Sandown’s not going anywhere. Danville’s not going anywhere. We all have to live together under this big umbrella. Can we all stop the bickering and have calmer heads prevail? EVERYONE???

  2. Curt Springer

    There’s no “D” in Sanville. 🙂

    I’ve been really busy but I did manage to call the court a couple of weeks ago and they said they had the objection by TRSD to the motion for reconciliation by the towns. Have you seen a copy of that?

    Re the superintendent’s communications it would be a help if he would drop the rhetoric about being “pleased”. Queen Victoria was pleased — or not.

    • Of course I didn’t see the objection to the motion for reconsideration! The district makes a point of keeping its disliked board members in the dark.

      Sanville is better, you are right but I didn’t want Danville having too many more letters than Sandown 😉

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