More Information Requests Requiring “Vote” of TRSB

I sent the following information requests on Oct. 12 and Oct. 14 respectively.  School Board Chairman, Ms. Steenson, told me at a Facilities Committee meeting on Oct. 20 that, in order to provide the information  I requested, she would require a majority vote of the school board. The first board meeting subsequent to that discussion will be Nov. 5.

As background readers should understand that the SAU says they don’t break out the revenue and costs for paid pre-k and/or full-time kindergarten.  The full-time kindergarten program was sold to the board as a profit center but we have no way of knowing if the program is even breaking even.

Two questions arise from this:

  •  Why would the SAU not want to share the financial information from a program they boasted would be a profit center?  Is it credible – or acceptable – that they don’t track this program separately?
  • Why should a majority of the school board have the power to deny an elected representative information?

Dear Ms. Steenson and Dr. Metzler:

 We have these enrollment figures for Kindergarten
2014/15 2015/16
Atkinson 49 40
Danville 38 27
Plaistow 78 62
Sandown 47 67
Total 212 196
When the FT kindergarten program update was given to the board not long ago, we were told the number of students in half-day and FT kindergarten in each town.  I would like those numbers now as of Oct. 1 along with their tuition status  by town.
To be clear, here’s what I request the administration provide:
For each town individually:
  • Number of students  enrolled in half-day
  • Number of students  enrolled in full day, with additional details
    • Number enrolled at full tuition
    • Number enrolled with tuition fully waived (if any)
    • Number enrolled with tuition partially waived (if any)
      • Average tuition amount paid where partially waived
Please provide the above data separately for both 2014/15 and for 2015/16.
The Sandown 2015/16 enrollment clearly indicates district-wide programming.  Please provide 2015/16 enrollment by town of residence.  This is a separate question from the above.
In an unrelated topic, please tell me if any Pre-K students receive tuition waivers and if so how many are attending with fully or partially waived tuition?  What is the average tuition amount paid where it is partially waived?

Your attention to the information requests of a board member are appreciated. I am also certain that some members of the budget committee will also find this information useful.

Dear Ms. Steenson and Dr. Metzler:

The school board approves tuition rates every year. I cannot find a policy concerning the determination to charge a student the SPED rate.  How is this decided and by whom?
Does any student living outside the district who has an IEP automatically get charged the SPED rate or are there other considerations?
Do we currently waive any or all of SPED tuition to any out of district SPED students currently? If so, how many are paying the full rate and how many have their fees waived in part and in total?
Thank you for helping me understand this aspect of our tuitioning fee structure.
Best regards,
Donna Green


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9 responses to “More Information Requests Requiring “Vote” of TRSB

  1. mark Acciard

    Perhaps someone could explain to Steenson that this is PUBLIC INFO BY LAW! You do not need to vote upon anything, just provide it. [edited]

  2. Jack SAPIA

    Maybe someone needs to explain to you, you are not part of this district and very few people care about what you have to say. So please go mislead people in the district in witch you live! We don’t want or need your help! Thanks anyways!

    • Wow. This is the most parochial and close-minded statement I’ve heard since Arthur and I talked to the Atkinson BOS. Do you really think citizens generally should be concerned only about their own town issues? In fact, when one public body misbehaves, it spreads like a cancer everywhere. If you don’t realize this, I seriously question your knowledge of the world.

    • mark Acciard

      Jack perhaps you could read the LAW for once before you open your mouth Public information is just that. PUBLIC. it is available to ANYONE within the district or without. I have “misled” no one you should learn, Jack, that words have meanings, and yours have none.

      What do you have to hide? Make the info public WITHOUT incurring unnecessary legal fees. It seems that it is always the boards you occupy that need Courts to force them to obey the law, I wonder if that is merely coincidence?

  3. Jack sapia

    What can I say to that “sticks and stones?” That international for your name calling is beneath us. And let me add that name calling is typically used when an opposing opinion is weak! Honestly Donna, are you know adding psychiatry to the long list of your many expertise?
    And as far as your and Authors visit to Atkinson goes, glad you brought that up. What offended me and my fellow board member and Author’s fellow Bud Com member from Atkinson was that the both of you slithered to our town without the courtesy of a single call to any fellow member. It would of been the proper and common sense thing to do! Just plain wrong and an action done in bad faith. But you really couldn’t do that now could you? How many times have we heard you complain about things not being on the agenda? Were you? So much for transparency! Once again another display of poor judgment and lack of consideration for your fellow teammates. Go back and watch the tape of the look on Authors face when Jason and I walked through the door. And let’s not get into the misleading statements that you bloviated to the good residents of Atkinson during your visit. I was deeply offended as an elected official for your actions. The town didn’t elect you or Author and as a resident we don’t need your help. The residents are quite capable on their own. Let me sight their total rejection of a withdrawal.
    And as for your question about being concerned for other people’s towns, yes I am generally concerned for the welfare of my neighbors. But it doesn’t mean I have to interject myself into their day to day affairs to promote my personally and political agenda. I generally think it’s up for them to draw their own conclusions. In principle that’s why Ackinson residents don’t vote in Sandown’s election process and vice a versa. You don’t have to be worldly to understand that!
    Now as far as misbehaving we agree. When are you going to stop? And I don’t mean disagreeing with me. What I mean is showing some level of measure. Tomorrow is a new day!
    No more time getting on a plane, traveling around the continent this week. Sorry i’s not the word!
    I am truly sorry for all residents that have to endure this stuff but enough is enough! Let us all focus on a strong district and the children!

    • Jack,

      Please put more of your thoughts in writing. It is most revealing.

      Please note, readers, that it is not entirely certain that the person making these posts in in fact, Jack Sapia. One person who hounds me assumes the names of others and posts under their name – falsely. I would like to give Mr. Sapia the benefit of the doubt in this exchange.

    • mark Acciard

      Jack this sounds like it came from an elementary school student.

      “That international for your name calling is beneath us. And let me add that name calling is typically used when an opposing opinion is weak! Honestly Donna, are you know adding psychiatry to the long list of your many expertise?”

      What does this even mean?

      BTW, She said her and ARTHUR, not AUTHORS. Arthur is her husband, and I am reasonably certain not a plural, although he is a much more accomplished AUTHOR than you, evidently.

      Jack you seriously need to obey Clemens maxim that “it is much better to be close motuhed and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

  4. Sleepless in Sandown

    Looks like Jack needs to re-take high school English.

  5. MJ

    Actually the Right to Know and access to public information being with held is a state wide issue, not unique to our district, or it wouldn’t be contested so often and the news on a regular basis!

    I didn’t see any name calling, but I’d say “slithering” comes pretty darn close, you may be right, may not be Mr Sapia, whoever it is, apparently resides in a glass house!!

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