Saturday: Town Hall Meeting on Minority Report Findings

Sandown Minority Report Findings/Options

Cindy Buco will be holding an informational meeting

to review the details of the

Sandown Minority Report Findings and Options

Sandown Town Hall

320 Main Street

Sandown, NH 03873

Saturday, November 7, 2015

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

This session is open to the public



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34 responses to “Saturday: Town Hall Meeting on Minority Report Findings

  1. Jenn B

    Will there be time for public comment? And will public comments also be televised?

  2. Michelle Lavoie, Sandown resident and mother of 2 students

    Curious if this informational meeting will also address the buy-out numbers that seem to be vastly differing between the majority and the minority reports….. This, to me, is the biggest question. A 6.4+ million dollar discrepancy will make a tremendous impact on the citizens of Sandown and the feasibility of any withdrawal. With the addition of Sandown North School and the capital improvements also made to Central, I can’t imagine how we would not have a substantial buyout number. I do hope that this will be spoken to at this meeting. I will definitely be there! Thank you

  3. JackSapia

    In what official capacity will Cindy be presenting? Will it be as a selectmen, minority member, resident or something else TBD? Can you please explain!

    • Seems you are interested in Sandown affairs, Mr. Sapia!
      By your previous comments, I would expect you to ask permission of your fellow elected officials to attend this public meeting in Sandown to see for yourself in what capacity Ms. Buco is speaking to the public. Of course, you don’t really need to do this, which exposes the absurdity of your previous statements and complaints.

      • Jack SAPIA

        It was just a simple question again with no answer! Sorry Mrs. Green this subject effects the district! Are you suggesting this was just a Sandown issue?
        After all tax payers dollars were plucked from all four towns for the study and the results effect all four towns. In addition residents from outside Sandown were part of a committee that Mrs. B sat on. I feel it is a very legitimate question. One that has been asked by residents and nonresidents alike with no clear answer. I simply was hoping for a straight answer. Once again a lack of transparency. If you can’t answer the simplest of questions how are you capable of answering the complex ones as it pertains to this issue?
        I will be visiting colleges with my son in the west and unfortunitly unable to attend. I am sure you will miss me!

      • You may recall, Jack, That Mr. Green and I were speaking to the Atkinson BOS about district taxes – which also effect everyone in the district, so your previous comments about it being inappropriate for us to even be in Atkinson are now shown by your comments above to be absurd. I can’t answer a simple question because it is a question for Ms. Buco and not for me. I don’t know the answer because I didn’t speak to her about it. If you are so interested in getting an an answer, inquire of her yourself since you sat on a committee with her and certainly have her email at least.

        And speaking of tax dollars plucked from the towns, just what happened with the $30k voted to investigate Sandown’s capital costs since district inception? No where is this information reflected in the Majority Report just sent to the Board of Education. If you don’t answer, is it because you lack transparency and won’t give a straight answer – or is it because you don’t know?

  4. Paul

    Any chance you could just answer the question?

  5. C. Bartlett

    I hope that Jack DOES attend the meeting….it’s a public meeting & he shouldn’t have to have permission to be there. I don’t live in Sandown, but I have kids & grandkids who do, & I am interested in their future education. This whole mess is overkill! It’s over….get over it!

  6. Sarah Machemer

    So… This would be a presentation of the report put together by the /Disbanded/ minority committee, that was voted /down/ by your BOS, which will not be accepted by the DOE because the BOS already told them no minority report would be submitted because the Town agreed that withdrawal was not Feasible or Suitable?

    Well… That makes sense.

  7. Cathy

    Thank You for sharing Donna.

  8. Jim Buckley

    I don’t understand why so many people seem to be upset about the tax dollars allocated for this study ($30,000??), yet there is no outcry about the SAU Budget for next year. According to the Tri-Town Times on October 15, the SAU Budget is increasing by $227,740, which is a 31.9% increase based on the numbers provided in the article.
    And we continue to educate fewer students every year………

    • Curt Springer

      IMO this withdrawal boondoggle has cost the advocates of accountability and fiscal responsibility loads of credibility.

      I would have respect for Cindy Buco’s efforts if she had presented this proposal in full detail to the statutory committee of which she was a member, and if she had actually voted in the minority, which she did not. She didn’t speak when she should have, now she should hold her peace.

      • Cathy

        The minority committee was extremely clear: the information would be available end of October. In the mean time the course of business would have been conducted in public. That option was removed from the table by the SBOS.
        The district committee was obligated under the law to conduct their study. Cindy brought forward options being explored (at that time) by the minority report committee; district committee did little research and determined options were not feasible or suitable. The district committee voted in September on their study.
        Cindy is bringing forward now the research conducted to allow people to come to their own conclusion; this is within the time-line allowed under the law.
        I’m not sure why anyone would have an issue with hearing both sides of an argument.

      • I don’t understand why the reflexive position is “Shut up!” instead of “Let’s hear why you have to say.” There is no harm in an exchange of information and opinions, no matter the time lines.

        Let me remind people that the Majority Committee had the full resources of the SAU behind it – with an additional $30,000, the use of which is nowhere in evidence in the report to the Board of Education. The Minority Committee had to themselves find every scrap of info they used, and their report is far more comprehensive and expansive that that produced by the district. It has, for instance, an entire budget for a new school district. Expecting it to be done at the same time – or sooner – than the majority report is both unreasonable and unrealistic. What the Majority Committee wanted to do, and did to some extent, was use the work of the Minority Committee volunteers to build their own report. It should have been the other way around, given the resources available to the Majority Committee. Furthermore, from the very beginning the statutory committee stymied the information requests of the Minority Committee, some of which still haven’t been fulfilled.

        There’s also the fact that all the Minority Committee meetings were televised and captured on Vimeo. The district, with all their resources, did not do this with their meetings – yet they complain the Minority Committee kept information from them?

        Michael Costanzo was present at a Majority meeting prepared to make a presentation about the Minority’s education plan. Ms. Buco offered to have him present, but the Majority Committee refused. Yet they complain the Minority Committee kept information from them?

        The public knows that the elected officials most concerned with fiscal responsibility are also those who are most associated with the minority opinion. That is not an accident or a coincidence because we see what is going on with budgets and the lack of oversight the elected officials have (or choose to exercise) in practice within our district. The SAU budget is one glaring example.

    • It’s a 31% increase over two years – more actually when the budget is likely adjusted up at the public hearing to compensate for the increase in health insurance premiums.

  9. Curt Springer

    Reply to Cathy:

    This was not the “time allowed by law”. The law is clear that any minority report was to be submitted at the same time as the report of the statutory committee. Cindy had a duty to speak up if she felt that the statutory committee was rushing to a conclusion without her input and ask them to wait. She did not. If they went to a vote anyway, she should have voted no. She did not. There is a time and place for everything. Cindy missed her time and place and she has only herself to blame.

    • Cathy

      You are welcome to your opinion Curt. Cindy was clear that she believed there was another option.
      Anyone that understands how studies are conducted and watched/followed the district committee could see it was rushed toward the end and little to no research done except for their buyout figure.

    • In fact, we asked Cindy to share with us the details regarding information and options she spoke to and she declined many times.

      Cathy – nothing prevented your committee from continuing to make everything you do as public as possible. Nothing.

      • That is not true, Mr. Collins. Denying the Minority Committee official town status meant the town hall was no longer available for meetings and that they could not then be captured on Vimeo.

      • Cathy

        The data available was presented ~15OCT2015; I cannot recall the exact date. That was 2 weeks sooner than we had projected. Data in it’s totality will be presented Saturday.

  10. M. Costanzo

    Good Afternoon all,

    I feel obliged to make 3 responses to comments that have been made recently:

    One, to Mr. Collins about sharing details of the minority report: My offers to contribute, present, and share material with your committee were ignored. Prior to creation of the majority committee, I wrote a letter of interest to join the majority committee as a community member and contribute to the study; I was denied. During the process, I meet with administrators, toured all facilities, and did all work on the educational plan in public (town hall every other Monday night to be specific) yet my contributions were hardly acknowledged. Near the conclusion of the process, Cindy requested in writing to have me review and share our materials in detail on the meeting held September 22nd; Again, denied.

    The majority committee encouraged Cindy to solicit help from the town…so why were members of the town not allowed to help her present to your committee? And why has Cindy been attacked so cruelly for involving a “minority committee ” when TRSD initially told Sandown to do the study ourselves, and refused to form a majority committee?

    Two, to the community as a whole: My involvement on the minority committee was because I felt an obligation to make sure that kids were not being reduced to mere numbers on a financial spreadsheet. I’ve remained neutral during this process, neither advocating for or against withdrawal. Why? Because I want the decision to be made by the community as a whole, and NOT by a small group of 8 (majority committee) or 6 (minority committee). Which brings me to my next point:

    Three, to Curt Springer: I agree with your assessment regarding the timeline of minority submission. With all due respect to those who favor withdrawal, I believe the deadline to submit a plan and recommendation has been missed. I also acknowledge that the BOS already made the decision on behalf of the town to not withdraw, putting this issue to rest. That being said, I strongly feel that the study should be published “for historical record” as motioned by Mr. Goldman, and I believe the Town Hall on Saturday should be used for just that purpose.

  11. Rob

    Isn’t there a meeting there this weekend hosted by Cindy, that will be televised live and eventually posted on vimeo?

    Isn’t that the primary post all of these comments are about??

  12. Where can we expect to see posted the presentation and support documents?

    • On my blog, of course…. the Vimeo will be up on the town’s website under Cable. Because it is no longer an official committee, I’m assuming the information will not be posted on the town’s website – another transparency consequence of the BOS shutting down the minority committee.

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