Joshua Horns Asks for Complaint Status

Danville Selectman and TRSD Budget Committee member, Joshua Horns, wrote this email to the school board yesterday at 8:35 a.m.  I do not know the answer to any of his questions nor am I aware of a reply to him yet.

Madam Chair,

It has been approximately two months from the date I was notified by the TRSD attorney about the filing of an election law violation complaint with the Attorney General’s (AG) office.  I had expected the AG office to notify me shortly after they received it, although I admit I am somewhat new to this process.

My understanding is, in the event the offices are thought to be incompatible, the AG will ask me to vacate one of the positions. Not having received such notification I can only assume either the investigation is ongoing, the AG did not find the offices to be incompatible, or has declined to take up the investigation.
Could you please tell me what day the complaint was filed?  Have you received any formal or informal response from the AG’s office concerning the filing?
Please consider this formal correspondence to the school board.

Thank you,
Joshua Horns

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