The Minority Speaks – Withdrawal Plan at Town Hall Hosted by Cindy Buco

“Minority Committee” Chairman*, Cindy Buco, hosted a Town Hall in Sandown on Sat. Nov. 7.   Those who helped with the “minority” study were present to give the financial elements of the plan to create a Sandown School District, separate and apart from Timberlane Regional School District.

Here’s the Vimeo,

.. and the presentation material:

Minority Report Findings Town Hall Nov 7

The educational elements of the “minority” withdrawal plan were covered in more detail in the presentation made to the Sandown Board of Selectmen on Oct. 15, linked below.

BOS presentation October 15, 2015 A Vision for Our Future

*The Minority Committee was disbanded by the Sandown Board of Selectmen. This reference to it is one of convenience.



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18 responses to “The Minority Speaks – Withdrawal Plan at Town Hall Hosted by Cindy Buco

  1. Wethepeople

    Minority Committee Chairman?
    Minority Committee?

    To what lengths will you people not go to to perpetuate this fallicy that is this “minority committee” why lie to the people? The minority committee was stopped by the selectmen, there is no minority committee or minority report. Do you think of you keep saying minority committee that people will believe it exists? Cindy Buco is not the chairman of any sort of minority committee. She was simply sandown a representative to the real study committee, and yes there is an argument she was the minority on the committee, but she is not the chairman of any such minority committee and to continue to say she is wont make it so. You, Cathy Gormand, Cindy Buco, Tony Piermont are all aligning yourselves with this pipe dream that the board of education would have allowed you to bend the laws to suit your dreams and wishes. Please, all of you apologize, and resign whatever positions you hold, you might be representing some people but you are certainly out of touch with the majority of the people.

    • What no one vehemently opposed to withdrawal thinks about for one split second is why so many of Sandown’s elected representatives to the school district have come to the conclusion that withdrawal should be explored. Mr. Devine was on the Timberlane school board for at least a decade years ago. There is an argument for a better education (because elementary and middle school would be locally controlled) with a cost savings. Maybe the case is not convincing to you, but honestly, have you even looked at the argument?

  2. Will we see Arthur’s spreadsheets? He said we would when he presented.

    • Without joking, he is still waiting for information from the SAU. If you are eager to see his spreadsheets, I would suggest you facilitate the transfer of information. It is not a one way street.

      • Wethepeople

        the “people” who advocate withdrawal should even be looked at all have personal vendettas against the district and/or the superintendent.

        Mr. Devine was on the school board during a time that was so long ago that it almost doesn’t count, none of the people are the same.

        Are you saying you advocate withdrawal and created this plan based on missing data? If Arthur is waiting for spreadsheets or data then you must not have all the data you need. I don’t think as many people would be opposed to looking at this of some of the usual suspects weren’t involved, we don’t trust you or your cohorts. You and your associates have lied and spread misinformation on more than one occasion. Please just go away.

      • Please state when I have told a lie.
        That would be a lot of people with a personal vendetta, don’t you think? And what exactly would cause a “personal vendetta?” You can boil it down to something personal, or you can elect a mature perspective that looks beyond personalities and at facts.

  3. MJ

    It truly is the height of ironic humor that someone goes to the trouble of making up a pseudo name to hide behind, comes to a writer’s personal blog to tell them to go away…

    The anonymous are always so brave!!

    • Bravery, honor and intelligence are often found together, as we see in our military personnel and vets. Cowards often hide behind ignorance and lies.

    • Scott Lane

      I find it ironic that “MJ” finds it ironic someone is using a pseudonym.

      Ms. Green, it appears your original post was edited to reflect that “minority committee” was used as a matter of convenience, nice try but the “fine print” at the bottom doesn’t relieve you from the appearances you are clinging to the days of yore

  4. MJ

    “Mr. Devine was on the school board during a time that was so long ago that it almost doesn’t count, none of the people are the same

    It’s suppose to be about what’s best for the children in a town, not school board members

    • Wethepeople

      exactly, and what has Donna, or her band of supporters done for any of the kids, or us as tax payers? Stomped her feet, yelled and screamed and accomplished nothing.

      • And can you name a single accomplishment of any of the other individual board members? How about Mr. Bealo pointlessly adding $250k to the budget for a sprinkler system in Danville that was triple the price? Perhaps that’s an accomplishment you applaud.

      • Scott Lane

        Although Peter and his votes impact all taxpayers so don’t you….you are the one who is supposed to represent sandown, so besides all the hoopla, and I’ll will you have garnered what have YOU done for Sandown, it’s students, or the district and its students? Nothing concrete, I’m sure peter and the others have things they have been involved in that are positives for thier towns they represent, don’t deflect and ask me to prove it or look tell you what they are, you tell us what positive change YOU have effected for the students and residents of sandown?

      • mark Acciard

        She has served on the SG budcom, and SB. She has exposed to the public Information that is PUBLIC BY LAW, that your SB was hiding from you. She has acted honorably, which is more than I can say for you. She has encouraged discussion and debate, WITHOUT shouting down her opponents. The ones stomping their feet, and yelling, are the Admin and SB trying to thwart public disclosure. You should ask yourself or them, what they have to hide.

      • Thank you, Mark.
        I should add that I have a Right to Know case going through the courts at significant personal expense. Why would the district be fighting to prevent me (and for a long while the Budget Committee) from having public information in a usable form? Show me other elected officials who are willing to put their own money on the line for their constituents. (And don’t blame me for the district’s legal fees as there is no reason this had to go to court in the first place.) It is the easiest thing in the world to spend other people’s money. It is a lot harder to make a public issue of it when it isn’t justified and that’s what my husband and I have done concerning the surplus and budget increases. Now people are looking at cost per pupil and comparing our district’s academic results to other districts. Have you noticed how much more newspaper coverage school district issues get now? All this awareness is a benefit to the taxpayers and ultimately the students.
        Furthermore, I was the major and sometimes the only voice on the board against closing Sandown Central. I am absolutely the only voice against nepotism in the hiring practices at Timberlane.
        When I was chair of the Planning Board in Sandown, I organized a clean up of a serious situation with expired surities for developments. I also spearheaded Sandown’s Capital Improvement Plan that resulted in the town voting to save over four years for a new police station. If you don’t respect or appreciate my public service, you are free to run against me or vote against me. Rubber stamps are a dime a dozen, except perhaps at Staples.[My correspondent will understand this reference.] Readers should know that “Scott Lane” and “WethePeople” are the same poster.

  5. Peter Bealo

    Donna, You perfectly made the point of how we (Board members) only achieve goals while working as a BOARD, not as individual members. Now live that realization and you too can help actually accomplish something.

    BTW: If that $250K added to the budget (by a VOTE mind you, not my decree, but I instigated it nonetheless) is the worst mistake I’ve made in 4 years I’m a happy man.

  6. MJ

    Your posts are a little hard to follow at times Scott, but I think I got the gist of most it….It actually wouldn’t be ironic at all, for me to sign posts and communication of all sorts as “MJ” , as it’s the well known shortened version of my birth name Mary-Jo. Because of the hyphen, it’s a difficult name to register on some sites.

    Wethepeople is ironic, because, the phrase usually would represent the opposite of the traits displayed in the posts here; Supposing that he/she/it speaks for “the majority”, purports to want DG to “go away” while making a special effort, to seek her out, all while feeling the need to disguise their identity. (actually the latter part is probably understandable!)

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