Smarter Balanced Test Scores Out

The long overdue Smarter Balanced test scores have finally been released by the Department of Education. Timberlane handily surpassed the state average in reading and math at the elementary level.  In the good news department, our  middle school student scores also surpassed the state average; however, our 11th grade students collectively are still scoring below state average.

DOE SB Test results

As this blog has pointed out many times before, Timberlane should not be content with comparing itself to the state average but should rather look at its academic and financial performance in relation to comparable districts in the state.  That comparison will be coming on this blog. We hope that, too, is showing improvement.



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2 responses to “Smarter Balanced Test Scores Out

  1. Greg Hoppa

    There are some additional factors to consider with respect to interpreting the results of standardized tests of high school students. High school students in general are harder to motivate to do their best at a test that zero impact on their goals beyond high school. The individual results from the Smarter Balanced assessment do not factor into admissions at any college or university. High school juniors that aspire to attend any post-secondary school are honestly more interested in their SAT scores, GPA and class rank along with a healthy balance of extracurricular activities. While not necessarily applicable to all students, I think that schools and districts that use the SAT in place of the Smarter Balanced assessment are more likely to get a better measurement of student performance.

    • SATs may be a better measure and a less objectionable test overall, yet somehow I don’t think we’d be hearing observations about student motivation if our SB test results from 11th grade were stellar.

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