Smarter Balanced Results: TRSD vs. Comparables

Here are the Smarter Balanced 11th grade test results for selected districts comparable to Timberlane.  Only one of these districts, (Keene), had higher per pupil costs in 2014/15 than TRSD – coincidentally, that is the district with the weakest results, proving once again that money does not buy quality education. (The 2015/16 cost per pupil has not been finalized by the Department of Education yet.).

Results for Pinkerton Academy have been included because Pinkerton was proposed as a high school of record in the minority committee withdrawal plan.

Smarter Balance G11 results 2015

UPDATE:  Thanks to the reader who pointed out that I had erroneously shown Bedford’s Math result as 59 – the correct number is 57.  Still the highest in the group.



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11 responses to “Smarter Balanced Results: TRSD vs. Comparables

  1. Cheryl

    Numbers speak for themselves.

  2. G. Hoppa

    The numbers don’t tell the whole story. These averages are meaningless without a standard deviation. This is a basic concept from elementary statistics. Without any error bars associated with this data there is the potential to draw the inaccurate conclusions based on only the average. It is unfortunate that the state does not provide a more complete statistical analysis with this data.

  3. Sheila Lowes

    I disagree, too bad you could not take a look at SAT’s and Acts if you want a fair assessment. It has been said before, smarter balance, does not effect the student, and at a time when they are taking SATS AND ACTs this test pulls the short stick, and it will everytime. When the district starts looking at the SATS, the numbers will change for the better.

  4. “Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried the Taxpayers (they were so much surprised, that for the moment they quite forgot how to speak good English).”

    “We did what you asked.’ they said ” We kept pouring more and more of our hard-earned money into the coffers of the TRSD. We kept pouring until the coffers of the TRSD were over flowing. The money poured in so fast and furious that you were able to hire relatives willy-nilly, throw millions of dollars into the air without a care in the world, and grant contract extensions with raises to your good friends.

    And what did the serfs of the TRSD get in return? ….50% proficiency in English IN…..ENGLISH??… 29% proficiency in math…TWENTY NINE PERCENT? Does the TRSB have unusually large feet or are you just clowning around?

    In return for having one of the state’s highest cost per pupil, in exchange for putting second mortgages on our homes to pay for those exorbitant costs, what do the taxpayers get?…
     50% proficiency in English and 29% proficiency in math.

      You are very bad people.

     Oh no, says the TRSB. Oh no, says the Superintendent of the TRSD.
    We are not bad people they all say.
    We are very good people.
    It just that we are very bad administrators .

    And as the bigger , bloated budget begins to get inflated for next years school district meeting, our Lords and Masters look down upon us, the poor taxpayers and say:

    Hey! …You screwed up!! …You trusted us!!!

    • Our cost per pupil is high relative to comparable districts of similar size. Smaller districts can have higher costs per pupil.

    • Rob Collins

      Cost per pupil at TRSD is right at the state average.

      • I don’t believe that is correct anymore. Used to be true. Wasn’t true last year. The latest figures are not out yet.

      • We should only compare ourselves to districts of comparable size. Smaller districts can’t capitalize on economies of scale. We’re not even getting state average results in high school.

      • Donna had already advised that my comment of ‘having one of the state’s highest cost per pupil’ should be …’ cost per pupil is high relative to comparable districts of similar size.’

        Let’s address those numbers that our high cost per student has been given the TRSD students…..50% proficiency in English and 29% in math.

  5. Rob Collins

    There’s more to this than the enrollment. We’ve been over this many times.

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