One of the few budget items the budget committee discussed at the Nov. 24th meeting was an additional $40,000 to plow Sandown Central. Sandown Board of Selectmen has said repeatedly that they intend to continue plowing SC at the town’s expense, but the school district has plowed a staggering $40,000 into the proposed budget just in case Sandown changes its mind in 2017.

Lee Dube and I have spoken publicly about this unnecessary increase in the district budget. I attempted to make a motion to remove this money from the district budget at the last school board meeting but the chairman would not accept the motion because the meeting was not about changing the budget – or some such thing.  Then Mr. Dube, Sandown’s rep on the school budget committee motioned to remove this money on Nov. 24th. Mr. Horns from Danville seconded. That’s when things got interesting.

Superintendent Metzler said that he would be holding that money no matter what the budget committee did and that it would be frozen from the Sandown schools’ budgets if it was removed from the district budget.

Then another interesting thing happened.  The vote to remove the money was a tie, with Mr. Sapia of Atkinson sitting in for the school board rep and alternate who were both absent. Mr. Sapia was the deciding vote which made the motion fail.

Mr. Blair is the designated SB liaison. Mr. Collins is the designated alternate. Somehow Mr. Collins deputized Mr. Sapia and voila, $40,000 unnecessary dollars stayed in the budget.

But wait!  It gets more interesting.  After the motion was defeated, Superintendent Metzler said that the $40,000 would be something he would look at in a lower budget going forward.

Ah, the dynamics of threats!





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