AG: No Incompatibility of Offices

Months ago the Timberlane District asked Danville Selectman and Timberlane Budget Committee member, Joshua Horns, to choose between one of his two elective positions.  The district claimed the two offices were statutorily incompatible.  The issue went to the Attorney General’s office for resolution.

Today the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office notified the school district and Joshua Horns that there is no incompatibility of offices for a town selectman to also sit on a cooperative school district’s budget committee. The two are politically separate entities.

Here is the letter.

1320157 (1)

By logical extension, this will open the way for town selectmen to run for district offices.  It is truly a cause for celebration that the talent pool for Timberlane elected offices has now been thrown wide open.

The letter was provided to me by Shawn O’Neil, Danville selectman.

Congratulations, Mr. Horns. Your resolve will certainly make a difference to our district going forward.



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2 responses to “AG: No Incompatibility of Offices

  1. This is great news. Hopefully, fiscally responsible public servants who have kept the cost of local government in check are willing to step up and help out on Greenough Road. First order of business? Start interviewing a replacement for Metzler. Someone who will put the interests of taxpayers and students above those of unions and the PTA.

  2. Mark Acciard

    At the time many of us stated exactly what the AG has regarding the two political subdivisions This was my comment at the time;

    “mark Acciard
    September 17, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    While your comment about a BudCom is true, TRSD is a coop district and has their own budcom and is a separate municipal subdivision from any of the four contributing towns. This situation is akin to being a selectman in Atkinson and a BudCom member in Plaistow(leave aside the residency requirements) The RSA they cite is 669:7”

    It is nice to see the AG uphold the law. Congratulations Mr. Horn. The District should not have wasted the time and money.

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