Withdrawal Petition to be on Sandown Ballot

This was submitted to the Sandown Town Hall today at 2 p.m. with 31 signatures:

Shall the Town of Sandown begin actions to form a separate school district within SAU55 based on the Withdrawal Plan presented to the Board of Selectmen October 15, 2015 (to begin operation no sooner than July 2018) and to direct that this Withdrawal Plan shall be submitted to the New Hampshire Board of Education according to the minority report provisions of RSA 195:25-29, and, in order to meet the legal requirements for initiating Sandown’s withdrawal, to further direct the Timberlane Regional School Board to conduct a study of the feasibility and suitability of the withdrawal of Sandown from the Timberlane Regional School District under the provisions of RSA 195:25-29? No funds are appropriated to this warrant.

Gordon Champion, lawyer and former town moderator, is the lead petitioner.  Signing it with him were 11 individuals who collectively have held the following positions:

  • 2 current selectmen
  • 3 current Sandown Budget Committee members
  • 2 state representatives
  • 1 current school board member
  • 3 former school board members
  • 1 former chief of police
  • 2 former Sandown Board of Selectmen chairman
  • 1 former Timberlane School Board Chairman
  • 1 former chairman of the planning board

A third state rep signed but we were not able to include his sheet in the final submission due to technical difficulties. (This list includes only the offices I know of and apologies if I missed the accomplishments of some of our petitioners.)

Why would so many people with direct experience of the governance of the Timberlane School District and the town feel that we, the people of Sandown, can do a better job educating our children and for less money?  Could they know something about waste and the lack of educational accountability?





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