Another Elected Official Told Not to Trespass

One hour ago, long-time Hampstead resident and SAU critic Jorge Mesa-Tejada was served with a no trespass order from the Superintendent of the Hampstead School District, Dr. Earl Metzler.

The SAU conveniently had a press release prepared – which has not been circulated to the members of the SAU board.

Mr. Mesa-Tejada is chairman of the Hampstead Budget Committee which oversees the Hampstead School District budget in an advisory capacity. During last night’s public budget committee meeting in Hampstead, Mr. Mesa-Tejada was discussing whether or not the budget committee should recommend the school district’s warrant asking for a $4.5 million bond for school building and renovations. One of the arguments advance during a slick school building bond presentation played during the Hampstead School Board meeting a few nights ago, was that students were unsafe from harm when transfering from portables to the main school building.  Last night Mr. Mesa-Tejada ridiculed that safety concern by pointing out in more detail than necessary that the children were far more at risk on the playground than when transferring between portables. It is his ridicule, which you can see at 46 minutes into last night’s meeting, that was the superintendent’s pretext for disgracing a valued elected official and an outspoken critic.


Mr. Mesa-Tejada is also the lead petitioner for a citizen’s petition competing against the school district’s $4.5 million bond request. His petition asks for just $1.2 million for renovations only.

No trespass order

Hampstead School District Press Release 01 15 16

Since this is the second time Dr. Metzler has invoked police authority against an elected official who is also a critic, I have called for an emergency meeting of the SAU board. Mr. Mesa-Tejada clearly had no ill intent in mind. No fair minded person could possibly have construed his comments as a threat but only as disparaging the administration’s far fetched justification for what Mr. Mesa-Tejada considers an unnecessary expenditure.

The Hampstead School District has received a citizen’s petition to withdraw from the SAU.

The Hampstead Budget Committee voted not to recommend the school district’s bond warrant by a vote of 1 for and 4 against.



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11 responses to “Another Elected Official Told Not to Trespass

  1. The superintendents court orders must be unconstitutional. The school board is his boss not the other way around. DUTIES of a school superintendent… 3(c) The administrative and leadership services shall be defined and directed by the governing body employing the superintendent. The citizens of the community elect their board members. Was their a public outcry for no trespass orders for the schools against this board member after this meeting? Or did Mr Metzler think it was in the best interest of the “children” to keep him from the school’s doors so he wouldn’t be able to garner any new information and disagree with proposals especially with useful historical data? No one but an idiot would have taken the board members comments as a threat.

  2. Sounds like you need to withdraw from coach Metzler.

  3. A concerned citizen

    If a student or other adult had made those remarks there would be consequences. Do you think that Mr. Tejada should get special treatment?
    As a Hampstead resident I appreciate Mr Tejada’s service to the town. He is very intelligent and has given many, many hours of his time. I also appreciate how his fiscal conservatism has kept the budget in town in check. We can’t have balance without opposing opinions.
    That being said, I am also a parent of a child who goes to school at Hampstead Central School. No member of the school board, budget committee, board of selectmen the or any other elected town official should be making comments like this in an open, public forum. When talking about the children’s security, the meeting hall should have been cleared and off the record as security issues have been discussed in the past.
    My stomach turns when I think about how many people have heard what he said about the playground that my child plays on every day.

    Mr. Tejada has crossed a line this time and his words cannot be taken back. There are consequences to our actions and words.

    • This was in the context of a discussion of a safety ruse raised by the school board itself. Do not take it out of context.

    • Ken in NH

      So, you viewed the video, heard Mr. Mesa-Tejada’s words and tone, and came away believing he is a danger to your children? Seriously? What about the SAU? Are they also a danger to your children? After all they were the first to imagine and publicly discuss a scenario where your children might be harmed.

    • Mark Acciard

      CLEARLY, Mr. Mesa-Tejada was not advocating a threat. He was deriding Mr. Metzlers claim of a lack of safety for children moving from portables to classroom, He prefaced his comment with “based upon my Marine Corps. training…”

      There was no line crossed until Mr. Metzler flexed his authoritarianism against one of his bosses, who happens not to believe his standard BS.

      THIS is exactly why honest, rational discussion can not be had in this environment, lack of honesty

  4. Mark Acciard

    By what right does the Neo Fascist Metzler invoke police authority to bar a taxpayer from school grounds?

    Tell me Mr. Metzler, Did the SB AUTHORIZE you to prohibit a taxpayer and budcom member from entering school grounds?

    Is there any valid reason?

  5. MJ

    Concerned Citizen : Do have the same concern about video infomercial that was presented by the school board and is now posted on their PUBLIC website? While Mr Tejada could have chose his example/words more carefully, they were in direct response (which was made clear in the meeting but conveniently absent from the press release and interviews) to the school board’s video —-which FTR gave detailed security and school access information!

    There were three people in the audience at the budcom meeting, how many at the school board? How many views does that video have now, compared to what it would have gotten had our super not decided to create a media event to advance his own agenda??

    Mr Tejada commented on what could happen outside at any school anywhere, the school board gave a roadmap on how to get in!! I know which sounds more dangerous to me!

  6. Marty Green

    The most disturbing thing about all this to me is the TV news story and its reaction. First they cut of Jorge’s comments just as the OTHER board members start laughing at the *intentional* absurdity of Jorge’s scenario; then they cut to Metzler expressing his supposed horror at Jorge’s remarks, and THEN it cuts to that blond ditz of a reporter solemnly nodding her head in agreement with Metzler. But the worst of all is the public feedback, with about 50% of the respondents totally outraged by Jorge’s comments.

    Let’s understand what happened: The school administration put out a propaganda video claiming they needed money to renovate the schools because (in part) the children were vulnerable to a sniper while passing from the mobiles to the main building. Jorge responded by pointing out that a sniper would have a much easier time simply waiting for the children to come out for recess, where it would be a turkey shoot. (Except he said “field day”, not “turkey shoot”).

    The distressing thing about all this is the stupidity of the general public, which swallows whole hog the administration’s narrative about Jorge being a closet terrorist. Even among Jorge’s supporters, about half of them seem to think he was advocating for more money to be spent fortifiying the main school building rather than worrying about the mobiles. No he wasn’t. He was just pointing out (and very effectively) the absurdity of using the sniper scenario as a reason to spend money getting rid of the mobiles.

    • Marty Green

      Actually I might have spoke too soon. It’s true that some of Jorge’s supporters mistakenly thought he was advocating spending money on fortifying the schools, but that is somewhat understandable when you look at the deceptive editing of the TV newsclip. More significantly, I think I overestimated the number of Jorge’s detractors. On going back through the comments, I see some identified by generic ID’s such as ‘nh mom” and “nhguy88”, typical anonymous “concerned (New Hampshire) citizens” tags that would be used by interested parties to hide the fact that they are shills for Metzler and his people.

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