Mr. Collins Clips Policy to Live Blog?

Here is a posting from Support Timberlane Facebook page on the day of school Deliberative Session.

FYI to everyone. I will be updating this page live at the meeting tonight.

Please attend if you are able, even if it is only for the budget warrant article, to protect it from those who might try to propose a massive cut. The budget is the first warrant article to be reviewed.

I will post if it appears this will happen so if you’re not in attendance PLEASE make an effort to get to the HS gym ASAP. Most residents of Timberlane are within 15 minutes. That should be plenty of time to get here to cast your vote.

Thank you!


Then someone, conveniently unidentified,  live blogged during the session.
Here is Policy BEAB
School board members will refrain from using electronic communication devices during board meetings to communicate with members of the public regarding official school board business, agenda items, or other board matters that are properly discussed publicly during board meetings.
Some of us follow the rules.  Some of us don’t.


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2 responses to “Mr. Collins Clips Policy to Live Blog?

  1. jd625

    Is deliberative Session a SB meeting? Or is it the first session of voting, in other words, for the people…not the SB? I understand the SB is there to present the WA. But the SB is not running the meeting- the moderator is running the meeting. So while I’m opposed to the support timberlane page for a few reasons- I’m not sure if those posts violate policy. Do you have something that states deliberative session is a SB meeting?

    • Any assembling of a quorum of the SB is a SB meeting.

      Further, here is the announcement of the Deliberative Session indicating that the SB is holding the DS:
      ***The Timberlane Regional School Board will hold the 2016 Deliberative Session ****on Thursday, February 4, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the Timberlane Regional High School, 36 Greenough Road, Plaistow, NH. The Budget Committee and School Board will also meet immediately after this session to modify recommendation action on warrant articles should articles be amended at Deliberative Session. More information may be viewed by clicking here.

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