A Note to CAW Commentators

Dear Citizens Against Withdrawal Facebook Page Members,

Please note that this page is my real estate.  I will not be posting comments that are mean-spirited, disingenuous and simply an assertion of opinion rather than a genuine weighing of the factual evidence.  You have more than enough organs to spout your bile. And you can sure bet that I am not giving real estate to those who have abused me and my cohorts far and wide on social media without giving us the opportunity to reply.

Post away elsewhere.  This page is open to honest debate and not open to those whose main weapon is, or has been, attacking the person instead of the factual issues.

CASE2018.wordpress.com has over 25 reponses to objections. I am certain all genuine questions can be answered by reading the blog post, “CASE Replies to Critics.”


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One response to “A Note to CAW Commentators

  1. Mike

    Just curious to know. Where is the CAW getting the funding for all the “Vote No on Question 13” signs? A few are hand made, but most are professional made.

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