Pollard Flood an “Act of God”

TRSD board member, Jack Sapia of Atkinson said recently that the district’s responsibilities are safety, education and facilities, in that order of priority. I agree with him.  I disagree, however, with the level of conscientiousness our board has in addressing these responsibilities.

Two of these areas of responsibility came up at the Feb. 18th school board meeting.

Student safety.  The district has regular water quality testing done by a very reputable local company. Keep in the back of your mind throughout the discussion captured here, how an inexplicable 6-week lag in test results would play out if a non-trivial issue had been discovered.



Pollard School in Plaistow had significant water damage when a pipe froze and burst in the foyer of the building and took out the sprinkler control panel. The school was closed for two days. From the discussion below you can see the board treating this as an unremarkable event. Mr. Sapia calls it an Act of God, which is hilarious in the extreme because a frozen pipe is eminently preventable. Mrs. Sherman says the important thing is is that the children were safe, and Dr. Metzler starts off without even the courtesy of truthful disclosure.


What the public doesn’t know is that a temporary employee was injured in a fall during the evacuation and was hospitalized.  Taxpayers have been told the district’s health insurance rates went up 21%.  A large part of that is because our risk pool statistics are not favorable because our usage is high. The attitude of your board and administration concerning this facilities event speaks volumes.

Unlike Sandown’s Town Hall which is nearly 100 years old, Pollard’s foyer is of a modern construction.

  • Will the insulation be improved in that area?
  • Will increased heating be directed toward that area in future?
  • What, if anything besides prayer, will we be doing to prevent this in future?

None of these questions were asked or answered so I will assume the answer to all of them is business as usual. See no evil, speak no evil and do nothing is the secret initiation motto of our board.



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  1. Cathy

    How to ignore the topic at hand …
    Are other SBs so indifferent to the goings on in their district?

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