What Does CAW Really Know?

What do those behind Citizens Against Withdrawing from Timberlane really know?

                                                              Guest Contribution by Arthur Green

  • They know that they can distract from the serious issues with TRSD by trivializing the dispute as a personality conflict with the Superintendent.
  • They know that Pinkerton Academy provides outstanding opportunities in academics, vocational, athletics and arts equal to or beyond TRHS.
  • They know that Pinkerton has space for Sandown’s students.
  • They know that property values will rise in Sandown if we tuition our students to Pinkerton.
  • They know that the extraordinary school property taxes in Sandown are currently depressing our property values.
  • They know that if they are sufficiently loud and personally insulting on social media and in public many people are intimidated into silence.
  • They know that the tax burden of TRSD will only increase.
  • They know that a multi-million dollar buyout fee is a fantasy and would never become payable by Sandown under any circumstances.
  • They know that many parents of young children would like to see the middle school grades educated in town.
  • They know that we have comprehensively rebutted CAW’s objection paper distributed at town Deliberative Session, but they pretend the rebuttals don’t exist and refuse to mention them let alone cite them for others to read for themselves.
  • They know that the financial withdrawal plan has had more transparency and more vetting than a typical TRSD budget.
  • They know that the best teachers in TRSD will eagerly compete for jobs under a teaching headmaster in a future Sandown school district.
  • They know that Special  Ed, athletics, and arts are all provided with very generous resources in the budget and staffing plan for withdrawal.
  • They know that most parents view athletics and arts as enrichment rather than principal career objectives of a high school education.
  • They know that Sandown North school has the space to house grades 4 – 8, and that the Withdrawal Plan will ease classroom and traffic congestion compared to what we are living with this year.
  • They know that the town would NOT need to build a new middle school.
  • They know that a YES vote on March 8 does NOT withdraw Sandown from TRSD, it initiates a process.  Only if the state Board of Education approves the withdrawal plan, sends it to district-wide ballot, and a majority of Timberlane voters approve, will the withdrawal be committed.  They know this despite publicly claiming that a YES vote is a legal commitment to form our own district.
  • They know that Raymond is NOT a high school option in the withdrawal plan, despite public claims to the contrary.

Are there valid concerns or objections to withdrawal?  There are, but the opponents have preferred to resort to lies and distortions about the actual withdrawal plan.

  • They attempted to raise substantive questions about the financial analysis which shows that the town can afford to operate our own district.  CASE has thoroughly refuted their objection.
  • They could argue that the Sandown HS students would be overwhelmed by the huge student population at Pinkerton Academy.  This is something each parent needs to judge on behalf of their own children, but it raises the question of why the towns already sending their students to Pinkerton don’t share that concern, and why towns like Hooksett and Candia are making or considering fresh commitments to Pinkerton.
  • They could argue that the middle school students benefit from access to athletic and arts facilities which we would not be able to duplicate in Sandown.  This is another tradeoff which parents need to judge on behalf of their own children, but it raises the question of how much priority to assign to grade 6 – 8 athletics and arts as compared to the other advantages of educating those students in town.  Please note that the Withdrawal Plan provides generous resources in terms of teachers, equipment and budgets in these areas, and that when these students advance to HS any such gap would disappear.

Should concerns such as these be conclusive?  That is up to the voting parents and residents.



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3 responses to “What Does CAW Really Know?

  1. Jack sapia

    You left a few things out!
    The know they their community was mislead in the last election.
    They know some of their elected official don’t care or respect their opinions.
    They know they and anyone that stands in the way of those that support withdrawal will be demeaned and slandered.
    They know that the group they oppose has lost all perspective.
    They know a lot of the spin for withdrawal lacks any basis in fact.
    They know the group they oppose are willing to experiment with some else’s children and not their own.
    They know withdrawal is not in the best interest of their children.
    They know the group they oppose will go to any length to win.
    They know the committee result cost money, and was completely ignored.
    They know that was disrespectful to the district that did the study.
    They know their property values have been damaged.
    They know the reputation of Sandown has been hurt by this behavior.
    They know this has been a complete waist of time.
    They know we could of spent this time making the district stronger.
    They know not to back down any more.
    They know they are three days away from a big win!

    • On Tuesday the voters will have their say by secret ballot.

      Mr. Sapia’s comment that “the group they oppose will go to any lengths to win” perfectly describes those people who threatened the students, parents and residents with the prospect that Sandown could be involuntarily “expelled” from the district with a $6 million buyout fee voted by the other three towns. I have made the point before that any person in a responsible position who could either make or go along with such a threat is highly unethical.
      Did Mr. Sapia associate himself with such threats? I don’t know.
      I do know that Mr. Sapia was the SB member who made the motion endorsing Dr. Metzler in proposing the malicious and ill-planned “closure” of Sandown Central.
      In the big picture, the best interests of the children cannot be served by leaders who have adopted the ethic on display by these actions.

    • Mark Acciard

      THank you Jack, for naming many of your previous acts and practices. Self identification beats independent criticism every time. Too bad you never seem to contribute facts, or substance.

      Evidently it never occurred to you that if The SB, and Admin were simply honest, transparent, and forthright, And if they produced a better quality education for the ever increasing funding, NO ONE WOULD BE COMPLAINING!

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