TRSD and Hampstead Voting Results 2016

These are the official Timberlane Regional School District results from yesterday’s election:

Voting Results March 2016 Timberlane

Here are the Hampstead School Districts results:

Hampstead school election results 2016

Because the renovation bond required 3/5 super majority, the bond warrant failed.

Timberlane and Hampstead make up SAU 55.

 Sandown’s article on withdrawal FAILED 334/1311



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4 responses to “TRSD and Hampstead Voting Results 2016

  1. Chris

    What are your thoughts on the WA13 turnout? Will you be continuing to push for a withdrawal?

  2. M Costanzo

    I, for one, feel the vote brought solid closure to the debate, and I hope that those on both sides can move forward together.

  3. Sandown Resident

    Mrs. Green,
    I do not share your opinions on a lot of things. I don’t often agree with what you say or how you say it. To belittle or insult you is not the purpose of this comment. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I want to applaud you. You stand up for what you believe and spend a lot of your own time trying to makes things (in your view) better. Regardless of what side of the issue we are on, I do believe your actions are often what you feel is in the best interest of the town. I don’t agree with your views. I don’t agree with how you say it and I truthfully think you are wrong on a lot of things. I do respect you for your tenacity, dedication and your drive. You truly believe in what you are saying and stick to your opinions, no matter who tries to stifle you. If only I could get you to the other side of the issue.
    Best wishes.

    • Thank you for writing and forgive me for initially grouping you with the CAW group. It is kind of you to respect the commitment those of us on the other side of the issue have demonstrated.

      “I don’t often agree with what you say or how you say it.”
      I hear this a lot from critics who fail to offer a single instance of an objectionable expression. These people seem to be relying on falsehoods about me rather than actually reading my blog. My expression is well within the parameters of a lively editorial in any well-written publication.

      Here are some specifics from my critics. This is outright hate speech.

      From Speak Out Sandown March 7, 2016
      Michelle Livingston

      March 7 at 8:36am
      1 more day until we can cure Sandown of its “Gang Green!”‪#‎VoteNoOn13‬ ‪#‎CASEclosed‬ ‪#‎letmeputonmylipstick‬

      Marsha Weston Morlock Sadly, Gangrene will fester if treated today and decide to attack again later, on another issue. Local elections are important, some people need to be replaced, that needs to be one thing to work on for 2017.

      Michelle Livingston Keri, in a way, yes. Among the supporters of WA13 were: members of the Timberlane School Board (Donna Green), Sandown Selectmen (Cindy Buco, Jim Devine), and Sandown Budget Committee (Cathy Gorman, Michael Costanzo, and others). It took only 25 signatures to get this on the ballot and cause a world of hurt for our town. Cathy Gorman did not run again, but the rest of these people are in office until 2017, 2018 or 2019. We must remain vigilant if want to prevent the Green cancer from spreading.

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