Proposed Policy on Student Surveys

This is the draft policy the school board approved for “first reading” last night.  The problems with this policy are significant, in my opinion. I did not vote to move this policy forward.

ILD Educational Questionnaires Surveys and Research

Here are my issues with this proposed policy:

  1. To my mind there is no reason to limit this policy to “non-academic” surveys.  It should apply to all surveys.
  2. Only the superintendent makes the call as to whether a survey is “academic” or “non-academic.”  Our current superintendent is not in favor of personally intrusive surveys but what if we should get a superintendent who is?  The board should be deciding this matter because there are sometimes financial incentives and always political incentives to conduct these surveys.  An elected board and not one single individual should be between these pressures and the decision.
  3. A previous draft of this policy said that no surveys (academic or otherwise) with sexually explicit questions or questions about illegal activity would be given to elementary students. This statement should be retained.




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4 responses to “Proposed Policy on Student Surveys

  1. Sandown Voter

    I would like to see the word “elementary” replaced with “Timberlane” on item #3 in this policy.

  2. Curt Springer

    Question: is there a version of this policy suggested by the NHSBA? If so, how does the TRSD draft differ?

    • Thanks for commenting. I haven’t checked and honestly I don’t much care. Our parents are who we need to be responding to on this matter – as well as complying with the law.

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