Political Payback Advisory Committee

The superintendent’s “Advisory Committees” are now so numerous they defy enumeration.  An advisory committee exists for everything you can imagine and more. They are a tremendous burden on paid staff, are highly political and yet another way to undermine the authority and responsibility of the school board. In short, they should be eliminated immediately and completely. Instead, Superintendent Metzler is taking them to a new level. Now there is a political payback advisory committee. (See press release below.)

This new advisory committee is tasked with studying a new playing field for Sandown North, yet there already exists an Athletic Facilities Advisory Committee. They are also tasked with an “Outdoor classroom.”  The school currently has a new and beautiful outdoor classroom thanks to the skill and hardwork of a Sandown Eagle Scout and many generous volunteers. Every person on this needless “advisory committee” was a public advocate for staying in TRSD – except for the paid district personnel on the committee. Do we have a superintendent who wants to heal the district – or to poke his finger in the eyes of all those who offered Sandown a choice in its educational future?



Dr. Metzler is pleased to report on the creation of the Superintendent’s Sandown

Playing Field and Outside Classroom Site Advisory Committee. The committee

will be co-chaired by School Board Vice Chair Kelly Ward and Business

Administrator George Stokinger who will report recommendations directly to the

Superintendent. Committee membership will be comprised of Sandown residents

Michelle Livingston and Mark Sherwood, Sandown resident and Budget

Committee member Lee Dube, Sandown Selectmen Chair Tom Tombarello, and

Sandown North Principal Jo-Ann Georgian.

The mission and purpose of the Advisory Committee will be to study and make

recommendations relative to the location of a playing field at Sandown North, an

outside classroom, additional parking, and improvements to the school’s curb


March 23, 2016

Getting community feedback about facilities is not inherently a bad thing but it should be done by mandate of the school board, answerable to the school board, in full public view, and not be composed solely of those the superintendent wishes to reward and promote politically. Do we need to be reminded of the Sandown schools consolidation committee that did all of its work in secret and did not even announce their meeting times or place?

No elected official should be participating in any committees that report directly to the superintendent. Your representatives should be reporting to you within the framework of our legally accountable governance – not some invented superstructure that the superintendent has devised for his own political agenda that is only succeeding in setting the district against itself further.


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  1. The motto of the school board should be: “Kept in the dark, fed on horseshxx.”

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