Buco Defends Your Right to Know

At the April 11 Sandown Selectman meeting, Cindy Buco brought a much needed perspective to the table.  Addressing the Superintendent’s Advisory Committee on Sandown’s Playing Field and Outdoor Classroom she said:

  1. Any  request for a Sandown selectman on any advisory committee should come through the selectmen’s office.
  2. The selectmen are to vote on who they want to designate as their representative on any advisory committee.
  3. The Sandown Selectmen should not appoint any representative to any committee unless that committee is holding their meetings in public, properly noticed, and with public minutes.

Thank you, Selectman Buco!

On March 23, Superintendent Metzler published a press release announcing the creation of a Sandown advisory committee whose public members were drawn entirely from the anti-withdrawal side of the withdrawal controversy.  In the release, Superintendent Metzler named Selectman Tombarello as a member of this committee.  Mr. Tombarello stated subsequently at a selectmen’s meeting that he was never contacted about this or agreed to such inclusion but he was happy to serve.

Thank you to Selectman Buco for preserving the authority of the board to appoint our own representatives and not permitting the superintendent to overreach himself. Thank you to Selectman Buco especially for wanting our selectmen to take a stand against the proliferation of advisory committees that do not respect the Right to Know law. Any committee working on behalf of the public should post publicly noticed meetings, be open to all members of the public, and publish meaningful and timely minutes about their decisions. Didn’t we learn our lesson from the Sandown Schools Consolidation Advisory Committee which met in secret, didn’t publish minutes and sprang their conclusions on everyone?

No elected official should be participating in any committees which do not comply with the Right to Know law.  Superintendent Metzler’s claim that these committees do not fall under the law is incorrect and a stand must be taken against this assault on our right to transparency.


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