My morning at Atkinson Academy

There is a pattern in the affairs of weak-minded people: they are used by those of ill intent who wish to stay in the shadows. That is the topic of today’s story.

At 8:30 this morning I attended a publicly posted meeting at Atkinson Academy with Homeland Security.  The meeting had been posted as a school board meeting with the safety committee. I attended during the public portion of the meeting and  was told that I could not participate in the non-public portion. After discussing the rationale for that position, I left the meeting without incident. It was perfectly matter-of-fact. The video clip of my discussion with Kelly Ward, co-chairman of the Safety Committee, is below.

But because malicious forces will  use others for their evil machinations, someone in that room falsely, and knowing it to be false, used Phil Sherwood to put out lies while shielding his or her own name. Phil Sherwood of Facebook infamy, took this and ran full tilt with it. Here is what he wrote on Friends of Education at Timberlane Facebook page today:

I placed a call to the administration regarding a very disturbing event I heard happened this morning at Atkinson Academy during school hours involving law enforcement. I heard an elected official may have tried to unlawfully force themselves into a room at the school where there was a private meeting involving homeland security and other public safety personnel. I’m reluctant to even name the elected officials name as I want to be respectful of keeping personal out-of-bounds politics off this page but I’m very frustrated and hope the administration can shed more light when it is appropriate. Altercations like this SHOULD NOT be happening in our schools. Period.

Facebook exploded.  Someone alerted the Eagle Tribune.  A reporter called me.  Much time was spent gathering backup information for her. Then, hours later, the Atkinson Police issued a statement that everything in the rumor was absolutely false.

Inline image 1

Poor put-upon Phil Sherwood, made the fool by someone more clever.

Mr. Erich Beyrent must know how it feels.  He was played the fool by someone last year when he reported on Facebook an outrageous story about me again at a closed meeting- though like Phil Sherwood, he didn’t use a name – which shows again the fingerprints of the same clever person manipulating these “public-spirited” patsies.

In Mr. Beyrent’s case, his information arose from a non-televised, non-recorded school board training session wherein I was alleged to have said that I wanted Individual Education Plans (IEPs) approved by the school board. Absolutely not true, but this didn’t stop the Facebook world from slandering me with gusto.

Here is today’s video.  Tomorrow I’ll explain why allowing subcommittee meeting in non-public to the exclusion of the board as a whole is a very, very bad practice.


For the curious, here is one of the postings for this meeting that can be found on the Timberlane Regional School District official Facebook Page, April 5, 2016:

The School Board and members of the Superintendent’s Leadership Team’s Safety Committee will meet in a nonpublic session on April 14 at Atkinson Academy at 8:30 a.m. The meeting will include consultation with agents from the Department of Homeland Security.

 Timberlane Regional School District's photo.






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4 responses to “My morning at Atkinson Academy

  1. Bunch of little sneaks and rats. They should move to communist China. They’d fit right in.

  2. Carol Oleary

    Ms. Green, you posted on the Friends of Education facebook page on April 5th about this meeting, saying: “This sounds like a very worthwhile initiative which I look forward to attending. The notice says the school board will be meeting. This is the first I am hearing that it is a full school board meeting. I hope this means that I will be treated as a member of the board during this non-public and not as a member of the public, which is the normal protocol for board members who attend committee meetings of which they are not a member.” You then commented that the last time you tried to attend this type of meeting, you were turned away. Two of the commenters suggested that you contact the committee or the board chair in advance to resolve the issue of your attendance prior to the meeting. Did you attempt to do that in the week before the meeting? If not, why not? Because if you did not attempt to resolve the issue prior to going to the meeting and videotaping the refusal to allow you to attend, it seems like you just went to this meeting to make a point about being excluded, which isn’t productive to anyone.

    • First of all, the onus was not on me. It was a publicly posted SB meeting. If I was in error, you know the vast majority of the SB and the superintendent read that FB page and could easily have corrected me.
      Secondly, I was entitled to go and I expected my fellow board members to be there. Thirdly, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to attend a meeting I wanted to attend and felt important to attend.

      It should be known that the chairmen of committees have the discretion to allow other board members to fill the place of absent committee members. Mr. Ward could have easily done this yesterday as Mrs. Sherman was absent. He did not. You should be asking him why he did not.

      You should also be asking why I would be excluded from a previous event at Atkinson Academy to which the Atkinson Police publicly invited the entire school board. The people of my town and the entire district should see this for what it is.

  3. David R

    To quote one of my all time favorite actors, Jackie Gleason “What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law”. It’s clearly stated on the flier and Kelly even said it several times over…”The Timberlane Regional School Board and Superintendent’s Leadership Team’s Safety Committee…”. What’s to miss there? “School Board” is there for all to read. And for him to continuously say he will brief you in non-public after the non-public? If you are allowed to be briefed on the meeting why not allow you to attend in the first place?
    I suppose someone is going to get lectured on the proper way to discreetly and properly phrase his fliers for future disbursement so that it’s known that only select groups or individuals are wanted and able to attend. Donna, great job on pressing him like that. And to Carol, I don’t think Donna should have to “ask” if she can attend if it is, again, clearly stated “Timberlane Regional School Board”. Her videotaping the rejection just helps to bolster the perception of the inane and boorish behavior of a school board that is marionetted by a puppeteer.

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