After the decision: a new RTK request

Yesterday at 4 pm was the deadline for SAU 55 to ask the NH Supreme Court to reconsider its decision concerning citizen’s right to information in electronic format. Sensibly, the SAU did not do so.  At 4:15 pm, my lawyer sent SAU 55  a fresh Right to Know request asking for the budget detail in spreadsheet format that I went to court to obtain. RTK2 for budget info

You might think that after the decision that the district would have simply emailed me the information I fought so hard to obtain, or kindly presented it to me on a thumb drive with the word, “congratulations” on it.  No. I have to climb every mountain, as our current musical production extols.

I submitted a thumb drive in unopened original packaging and followed it up with a letter from my lawyer stating exactly what I want provided on it.

Why did I feel I needed a sternly worded letter from my attorney, Richard Lehmann? Because Dr. Metzler had said in a public school board meeting that he would be providing pdf files in response to Right to Know requests for electronic format.

The point of my case was to obtain information in a electronic format suitable for detailed analysis.

I sincerely hope the superintendent will comply with my request and not continue to place obstacles in the way of an elected official wishing to diligently analyze our staffing and budget.



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7 responses to “After the decision: a new RTK request

  1. Sadly the superintendent appears to not be gracious with his loss. He could choose to be upstanding and provide the information he should have provided in the first place or continue to be obstinate and dig his heels in like a child who is asked to share his ball, but would rather go home and sulk alone with his ball rather than share it with others. (Only in this case, he doesn’t own the ball).

    • I honestly don’t think this is about personalities. I just don’t understand why tax dollars should have gone to preventing this in the first place.

  2. Marty Green

    PDF??? a PDF of a spreadsheet? Is he kidding???

  3. Jay

    I highly doubt that the Supreme Court would condone Metzler supplying this information in non original format. The spirit of the RTK law is again being ignored.

    BTW, I’d like to read the letter Atty Lehmann wrote to Metzler if you are so inclined to post it or email it to me

    • Just got word late this afternoon that my thumb drive is ready to be picked up at the SAU tomorrow!

      I did post Atty Lehmann’s letter in my blog. Perhaps the link is not working? Pls. go back to the posting and click on the link. Could you let me know if the letter doesn’t come up?

  4. Jay

    I saw the budget info link but not Rick’s letter. Thanks..

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