SAU Provides Budget/Salary Info

I am happy to announce that SAU 55 has given me all the budget/staffing information I have requested under Right to Know.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016, I collected my thumb drive from the SAU and was delighted to find all the files in Excel format.  And they are searchable. I’m grateful the SAU did not argue over the file format.

It is a pity this outcome had to be won by an appeal to the Supreme Court, but now citizens throughout the state can ask for and receive electronic files of government documents when those files are maintained electronically.

For those who missed the original posting of Attorney Lehmann’s most recent letter in which we ask for the files in Excel, here it is again: demand letter for excel budget info

Stay tuned for future postings once we’ve have a chance to digest the information we received.  It will take some weeks, but there will be follow up. (You can be notified of future postings by clicking “F” (follow) at the top of the page.)

Former TRSD Budget Committee member, Arthur Green, suggests that the SAU post the files they provided to us on the Budget Committee’s public pages of TRSD’s website.  If they don’t, we’ll be posting them to  Google Drive in short order. (Unfortunately, my free version of WordPress doesn’t support Excel files.)


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