Metzler Raise Finally Made Public

On May 12, 2016 during a non-public meeting, the SAU board voted the superintendent a 3.75% raise and a 4% performance bonus effective July 1. They kept this information hidden from the public until the approval of the public minutes at last night’s SAU meeting.

The board also refused to unseal the non-public minutes which details the board’s discussion that arrived at this raise and bonus.  I motioned to unseal the minutes.  There was no second.

Mrs. Dube and Mr. Spero were not present at last night’s meeting.

Other postings about this meeting will follow in the next days. It was not televised or recorded.  That is always a red flag.



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2 responses to “Metzler Raise Finally Made Public

  1. So, how much is coming out of the public troth, including any contracts awarded in secret? Percentage of what?

    Ask: any of the taxpayers receive a raise and bonus recently?

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